Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend arriva su Steam thumbnail

Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend arriva su Steam

Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend arriva su Steam thumbnail

Finally Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend arrives on PC via Steam. This means that players will have the opportunity to experience the first three titles of the saga: The Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III. Already published on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, the collection allows players old and new to relate to one of the most loved titles in the industry.

Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend finally available on PC

If you have never tried the series created by Akitoshi Kawazu, Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend might be the perfect title for you. Available on Steam, the collection will allow you to try the gaming experience, originally released on the Game Boy in 1990. Conversely, those who already know the saga well will be able to enjoy a faithful reinterpretation of all three classic 8-bit titles. At the same time, however, the launch of the game collection on Steam also ensures interesting news for gamers.

In fact, several features arrive to improve the gaming experience, including high-speed upgrades e adjustable screen magnification. Other new features include music and special commemorative illustrations for the 30th anniversary of the saga, 8 different game backgrounds and the ability to play with Japanese or English text, as well as 4K support for the Steam version. In short, the collection comes with lots of news for all gamers who love to have fun on the computer with titles that have made history.

If you are interested in trying the games, then, all you have to do is access the page dedicated to the collection within Steam. By doing so, you can experience the thrill of playing some of Akitoshi Kawazu’s best-known titles. Assuming you never have it so far.

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