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College Experience: Study Abroad Entirely Online

College Experience is the new initiative of QIRIS dedicated to high school in view ofSchool Year 2021-2022 that leaves these days. This initiative is carried out with the support of the US State Department through its Diplomatic Mission in Italy. The initiative was funded directly by the US State Department and consists of a Path for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO) reserved for Italian students.

College Experience kicks off: cultural exchange and study abroad entirely online

College Experience is a Path for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO). This initiative provides for the possibility for Italian students to live an experience of cultural exchange and study abroad entirely of the remote, thanks to the platform QIRIS Digital Academy.

The entire educational path is carried out in conjunction with American universities and provides students with the opportunity to explore the life of an American college. There will be an opportunity for students to learn new STEAM skills (i.e. in the fields of science, technology, entrepreneurship, art and mathematics) e improve your English.

Also noteworthy is the possibility of dealing with a multi-ethnic and inclusive society, receiving university guidance. For students there is the possibility to come into contact with higher education realities that go beyond national borders. The experience is, therefore, designed to ensure growth in various aspects for young students.

Note that the College Experience project was recognized by the Cultural Office of the United States Diplomatic Mission in Italy. The institution has defined the initiative as “one of the most innovative Italian projects” which contributes to the strengthening of relations between Italy and the USA.

The first PCTOs will kick off in October 2021. At the disposal of the students there will be several courses with different duration and contents. For high schools there is already the possibility to contact QIRIS to start a new project. For more details you can consult the official site.

The video of the initiative

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