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Comarch ConTe: a bracelet to improve the quality of life

At first sight Comarch ConTe it almost looks like a toy: only three keys, accompanied by symbols of immediate understanding, and a blue strap. Yet we are faced with a technological product that aims to improve the safety and quality of life of fragile patients. Inside that white body with soft lines, we find in fact a small concentrate of technology that allows this bracelet to stay in contact with all those people who may need you, such as the elderly, disabled people or patients with serious illnesses.

Comarch ConTe: how does it work?

Comarch ConTe how it works

As anticipated, Comarch ConTe is a bracelet intended for fragile people.
At first glance it almost looks like a smartwatch but no, there is no display. Comarch, a multinational software house based in Krakow, has decided to opt for an essential product, easy to use and understand. This is why the central body houses only three keys:

  • the one with a small telephone receiver, which is used to answer calls (hands-free), to call a pre-set number and to switch on and off the device;
  • the one with a small circle, which is the Function key and can state a series of data including the time and steps taken during the day;
  • the one with the cross he starts an emergency call.

The lower part of the bracelet instead houses two sensors: one detects the heartbeat, the other allows to understand if the bracelet has been worn or not.
Inside we find instead a SIM, the GPS and the drop sensor.

Comarch WindTre

All this allows Comarch ConTe to send the data to the dedicated applicationan application that must be installed by the caregiver, that is, by the person who takes care of the fragile subject.
The purpose is indeed allow parents, children, grandchildren or tutors of any kind to maintain constant contact with the person wearing the bracelet.
Think for example of an elderly person who lives alone and falls while at home. One button is all it takes to immediately call someone and get help.
Or imagine that you have an elderly parent with memory problems who leaves the house without a phone. Just a click to know where he is and, always with a click, you can call him and see if everything is fine.

The partnership with WindTre

For this product Comarch Italia decided to collaborate with WindTre. Here because the SIM present inside is just WindTrewith the ConTe bracelet that can be purchased directly on the operator’s site.
The cost? € 8.99 per month, including the device and the SIM tariff which includes 500 MB, 200 SMS and unlimited minutes, with an advance of € 39.99. Alternatively, customers can purchase the SIM-free device only, in a single solution, at the cost of 139 €.

Stefano Fioravanzo WINDTRE

“WindTre has among its objectives that of being close to people through an inclusive technology capable of simplifying everyday life” – commented Stefano FioravanzoHead of B2C New Business, Security, Advertising & Partnership of WindTre – We are therefore happy to confirm our collaboration with Comarch Italia, to provide support to the most fragile people and their caregivers through the connectivity of WindTre combined with a smart device from simple and intuitive use “.

“This is an important step for us – he added Kamila Niekraszewicz, Country Manager in Comarch Italia. – We had already received very positive feedback from the healthcare companies to which we had supplied the bracelet. Being able to reach patients or caregivers directly is an added value for us, and we are proud to do so in partnership with WindTre ”.

In fact, Comarch ConTe has already been tested and widely used by professionals in the sector. But now the company has decided to address consumers directly, giving them a tool that can really make a difference.

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