Arriva una nuova estensione per Pinterest Trends: aiuterà gli inserzionisti thumbnail

Comes a new extension for Pinterest Trends – it will help advertisers

Comes a new extension for Pinterest Trends - it will help thumbnail advertisers

There are two novelties for Pinterest, which will make life easier for investors and advertisers. The first concerns a new extension for Pinterest Trends, the tool that provides detailed statistical data on the trends of the platform. The second change concerns instead a new API that will drive conversions.

“Pinterest has a unique positioning, between discovery and purchase, where inspiration meets intent,” he says Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer di Pinterest. “We are investing across our advertising platform to help businesses around the world reach their goals and connect with the most motivated consumers at every stage of the campaign lifecycle.”

A new extension for Pinterest Trends

Advertisers can now get more detailed statistics on Pinners’ scheduling behaviors. Thanks to this data it is possible to create more targeted marketing campaigns through creative content and targeting. Here are some of Pinterest Trends’ winning features:

  • Trends that appeal to your audience– A widget on the Pinterest Trends homepage that allows advertisers to view the trends that receive the most user interactions and the trend of followers over the past 90 days.
  • Trends by demographic– the only tool that helps advertisers filter by age, topic, time and place
  • Recurring holidays: new types of trends, such as recurring holidays, help advertisers better align editorial and marketing calendars with Pinners’ peaks of interaction with different topics

The new API to drive conversions

At the end of the advertising journey, the new API offers advertisers a complete overview of the entire campaign. In this way, marketers can measure audience interactions on advertisers’ website. In the coming weeks, the Pinterest API will also integrate conversion functions globally in collaboration with trading partner Shopify and tag management partner Google Tag Manager. Among the strengths of the API we point out:

  • Direct integration: for greater control to the advertiser. Requires development resources.

Integration through partners (Coming in the next few weeks): Allows advertisers to quickly set up the API for third-party conversions without resorting to development resources.

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