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CommScope: ARRIS SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E update

CommScope Company Launched ARRIS SURFboard 6E Wi-Fi Network Upgrade Devices

As gaming devices and consoles are increasingly connected to home networks, consumers want to improve the quality and performance of their stay Wi-Fi and they can do this by updating their network to Wi-Fi 6E. Global leader in home networking solutions, CommScope (here for more information on the company) is entering the retail market Wi-Fi 6E. This, offering two new solutions ARRIS SURFboard. These allow customers to upgrade their network quickly and easily without replacing existing equipment.

Statements about the ARRIS SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E update

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and game consoles are establishing baselines of latency and jitter performance that are pushing consumers to upgrade their home networks and improve their overall connectivity performance.

he has declared Evan GroatSenior Vice President, Smart Home Solutions and Retail Products, CommScope.

One way to achieve this is by switching to Wi-Fi 6E technology, which is exactly what these two new ARRIS SURFboard solutions get. Each allows consumers to connect multiple devices to their home network at the same time with consistent speed and reliability, while improving their gaming and streaming performance.

Groat then continued.

Wi-Fi 6E enables the 6 GHz band with nearly 3 times more channels available than currently available. More channels provide less interference, faster speeds, and better overall performance for devices using Wi-Fi 6E.

Technical details

Below we will see the features of the acceleration kit of theARRIS SURFboard THRUSTER (model W6B) and the network upgrade kit Wi-Fi 6E di ARRIS SURFboard.

Features of the ARRIS SURFboard THRUSTER acceleration kit

Available in the US, ARRIS SURFboard THRUSTER is designed specifically for gamers who demand high performance from their home network and don’t want to upgrade their entire existing Wi-Fi network. There 4 × 4 6 GHz connection provides a maximum speed of 4.8 Gbps between the two access points without the hassle of having to use additional cables. The kit offers the best gaming experience without interference from other Wi-Fi connected devices. It also reduces latency to increase connection speed and reduce connection slowdowns and pauses. The simple kit plug-and-play comes pre-paired and connects directly to your existing Wi-Fi router and game console via its port Ethernet da 2,5 Gbps. This allows you to start the game in minutes. It is designed to be compatible with any existing Wi-Fi router or gateway and all ISP plans.

Features of the ARRIS SURF board Wi-Fi 6E kit (W6U model)

The network upgrade kit Wi-Fi 6E di ARRIS SURFboard it is designed for the “digitally connected” consumer who requires a Wi-Fi network capable of keeping up with their smart home. Upgrade your existing wireless Internet connection to state-of-the-art 6GHz Wi-Fi 6E without the need to upgrade your entire existing home network. In addition, it can simultaneously support smartphones, tablets, smart home devices and even 8K TVs with 6 GHz capability. Greatly reducing network slowdowns. Setup is as simple as connecting the new upgrade adapter to the customer’s existing Wi-Fi router via the 2.5Gbps Ethernet port. It too is designed to be compatible with any existing Wi-Fi router or gateway and all ISP plans.

Price and availability

ARRIS SURFboard THRUSTER Gaming Acceleration Kit is on the market at an MSRP of $ 309.99. Sold with 1 year limited warranty. Network update card Wi-Fi 6E ARRIS SURFboard is on the market at a recommended price of $ 189.99. Sold with 1 year limited warranty.

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