CyberArk e Commvault uniscono le forze per combattere gli attacchi ransomware thumbnail

Commvault strengthens data access security with CyberArk

Commvault and CyberArk are helping companies solve the growing cybersecurity problems generated by ransomware.

Commvault and CyberArk for business support

Today, ransomware appears to be an inevitable threat and a source of great concern to any business. As data continues to grow and extends the attack surface, restoring the situation after a dangerous attack becomes increasingly difficult.

Thanks to the multilevel approach to data security and the Intelligent Data Services platform of Commvault, organizations can better manage risk ransomware. Not only that: they can ensure that their data is always ready to drive business growth. Commvault’s deep interoperability with applications, databases, cloud, virtual and container platforms ensures the protection of a wide variety of workloads. This interoperability requires special privileged credentials. For this reason Commvault e CyberArk have started a targeted collaboration. The purpose is to help companies protect their data and restore it from any threats.

For companies, managing privileged credentials is a difficult challenge. This, if handled improperly, can lead to accounts being exploited for malicious uses such as data exfiltration, loss or corruption. Typically, ransomware relies on compromised credentials to spread and propagate within an environment. This puts both i production data than backup data. Strict rotation policies provide a better level of security. carry with them the significant risk of damaging interoperability within applications based on those credentials.

Protect the privileged path

Together, Commvault and CyberArk are helping companies solve this growing security problem. CyberArk, a world leader in Identity Security, has always been at the forefront of privileged access management (PAM), a critical level of IT security to protect data, infrastructure and resources in the company, in the cloud and in the DevOps pipeline. As attackers increasingly seek to leverage credentials and privileged access to compromise high-value data, CyberArk has been at the forefront of securing more sensitive businesses and assets.

With Commvault and CyberArk, organizations can reduce the risk of compromising privileged accounts. All this by centrally managing credentials and applying strict password retention and rotation policies without compromising interoperability within the Commvault platform. CyberArk’s privileged session management plugins support any local administration and application accounts used within Commvault.

CyberArk eCommvault: Privileged session management for secure administration

CyberArk has also integrated its privileged session management capabilities with Commvault. This provides secure administrative access to the Commvault management interface. A system that never exposes credentials, developed as a passwordless login session that isolates users from direct access to target systems, monitoring and recording the activity that occurs within the privileged session. SecOP teams can manage Commvault’s local administrative credentials, allowing them to define more stringent password complexity requirements and provide administrative access to Commvault without ever exposing passwords to the user.

Thanks to these CyberArk integrations, SecOps teams now have full control to enforce the policies necessary to maintain a secure and compliant organization, with no impact on Commvault operations, greatly improving the company’s RTO and RPO objectives and security posture. .

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