Company Of Heroes 3: Confirm release date on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 •

After a first PC-exclusive release last February, Sega today confirmed the release of Company Of Heroes 3 also on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S. It’s the first time a title from the popular strategy franchise has come to consoles.

Company Of Heroes 3 for PS5 and Xbox: the release date and the pre-order

The game will be available starting May 30, but already from April 25th it will be possible to pre-order the physical and digital versions. The console version will be slightly different from the PC version. In a press release, Sega explained that the game will have iFull controller support and an optimized interface for using the joypad.

The console version was first announced at last year’s The Game Awards, and was confirmed today after nearly six months. The PC game, currently available on Steam, benefited from its first major patch, which made “over 1,300” changes and introduced microtransactions.

Brief history of the franchise

The first and original title of the Company of Heroes series dates back to 2006, year in which it was marketed all over the world. The title had two expansions and, at the time, was indicated as one of the best RTS video games around.

This first chapter is followed Company of Heroes 2, released in 2013, which proved to be a rather divided product among fans. Many have considered it in many ways inferior to its predecessor, both in terms of the campaign, which is actually much shorter, and in terms of the game mechanics, simplified to meet generalist users.

Company of Heroes 3, which arrived 9 years after the second chapter, has met with great success with audiences and critics. The game is set in World War II.

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