Complete João Mário’s SBC Road to UEFA Playoffs with cheap fixes

Complete João Mário's SBC Road to UEFA Playoffs with cheap fixes

We continue with the FIFA 23 squad creation challenges with which we incorporate new stars we got it various rewards for our Ultimate Team from the well-known soccer game from EA sports

This DCP is centered around joao mariowith an edition of his letter of Road to the UEFA Champions League qualifiers like, and with two scenarios to complete if we want to incorporate it into our “album” of players. In this guide we have the solutions cheaper and more affordable for it.

Letter João Mário Camino from the UEFA qualifiers

Joao Mario Stats

The Middle Center of SL Benfica of Liga NOS 1 has in this special card of Road to the UEFA Champions League qualifiers of FIFA Ultimate Team a version that improves form outstanding every aspect of the player, especially his beat and shoot compared to his gold version and that will make him a versatile player when it comes to put pressure on the team opponent and shoot at the goal.

They also complement this letter his features Iron Footballer, Playmaker and Technical Dribbler. The prices of him at the moment in the FUT transfer market are 41,200 on consoles and 43,750 on PC

Joao Mario Challenge

This DCP has two scenarios to complete and expire within 59 days. The tests are as follows:


  • Goal: Exchange a squad that includes players from Portugal
  • Requirements: Average Team Rating of 82 and at least one player from Portugal
João Mario Portugal


The scenario that refers to Mário’s country of origin (and that requires from someone from said nation to complete), is not a particularly complicated one. It is recommended to enter at least two average players 83 to fulfill what is asked of us. Angelino and Ricardo Pereirawho is also Portuguese, fulfill this function very cheaply; 950 and 1,000 FUT Coins respectively.

From there, just complete the alignment with players in the middle of 82, with 750 as average pricealthough we can always adjust downward without losing the average with bargain-type options such as Aranguiz or Darmian by 500. The set should come out by an amount of 8,100 on consoles 9,400 on PC.

in top shape

  • Goal: Trade a squad that includes Team of the Month (TOTW) players
  • Requirements: Average Team Rating of 84 and at least one TOTW player
Joao Mario In Top Form


In this second scenario, the required nationality disappears and gives way to a player from the Team of the Month (TOTW)plus the increase to 84 average. In this case and with current prices, it is best to opt for Faucet as a TOTW player with an 84 average and for 10,500 coins; It’s not cheap but it’s not expensive either. Then, eight of the eleven slots to be filled can be obtained by less than 3,000 coins each.

It is also possible to reduce prices without leaving the average with options such as Pique and Asensio by 850 or 1,000 coins. The set should come out by an amount of 35,950 on consoles 37,000 on PC.

On this occasion the DCP does not offer no savings, so it would be advisable to do it only if you have a goal to meet for Fifa Ultimate Team bonuses. still watching what this “supervision” by João Mário offers it would be foolish not to take advantage of it, either like this or by looking for it in the market.

Remember as always that these prices can fluctuate at any time, but in general the values ​​that we have given you should allow you to achieve it without going out of budgetthat if you want to learn to economize it to be able to play in Ultimate Team there are a few recommended options for those who are starting out in the game.

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