Computer accessories: how to customize your PC by spending less than 10 euros

aliexpress pc accessories

Did you know that there are many accessories to customize your computer? We are talking about covers and other gadgets that can make the computer more colorful, fun and also resistant. And no, you don’t need astronomical figures to do that. We have selected for you a series of colorful and equally useful accessories that you can buy on AliExpress without spending more than 10 euros.

Computer accessories on AliExpress

Aliexpress is a really curious site, it sells both wholesale and retail and the prices are really competitive. The only flaw is the slow shipments, but given the prices it’s worth the wait. Today we want to show you some accessories to decorate your computer and personalize it.

The keyboard covers

A useful but underestimated object are the keyboard cover. To prevent dust from getting between the keys and to prevent wear, silicone films have been designed to adhere to the keyboard to protect it and at the same time give a touch of color to the computer. You can find them in different colors and models on the Aliexpress site, The cost is 3,50 euro, plus about 3 euros for shipping.

The computer covers

aliexpress pc accessoriesCertainly you would never leave your smartphone without a cover, why do it with your computer? There are small and very nice covers, available on Aliexpress. Attention: we are not talking about computer cases but rather about real cases that adhere to the surface of the laptop covering it. Also in this case, on Aliexpress you can indulge yourself, you can find them with every kind of imagination and for every computer. The cost is approx 10 euro.

To do a more targeted search for your computer you can click here and type in the search bar “cover + the model of your computer”

Computer holder

computer holderOften the laptop case is associated with something uncomfortable, bulky and out of date. We assure you that on Aliexpress you can find different models that will make you change your mind. For example, we found thin and aesthetically beautiful laptop bags. Equipped with a handle, they are waterproof and shockproof, made of resistant material. They are available in different shades and sizes, depending on your pc. The price is approx 7/8 euro, very convenient.

computer holder

Alternatively there are also computer cases, without handle, with zipper, plus a middle ground between a computer holder and a cover, easy to slip into your bag or backpack. They keep your pc safe from bumps, scratches and rain. You can give free rein to your imagination and choose the model you prefer. in this case the cost varies between 8 and 11 euros.

Mouse pads

mouse padsWe have found some mouse pads, so cute and cheap they will make those who don’t have one want to buy a mouse. The price fluctuates between 0.60 euros and 2.60 euros, so really cheap. You can find them with galactic fantasies, kittens, bears, monochrome, for every taste. They make the mouse slide more easily and protect your desk from scratches. Really too cute.

Have you ever thought about personalizing and making your computer unique? We are sure we have put the flea in your ear with these Aliexpress pc accessories.

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