Confetti and rainbow flags: Google celebrates Velma’s coming out

Coriandoli e bandiere arcobaleno: Google celebra il coming out di Velma di Scooby Doo thumbnail

Even Google joins the celebrations for the recent coming out di Velma, beloved character of Scooby Doo, who in the new movie Trick or Treat falls in love with a girl. The sexuality of the character has always been very ambiguous, despite the creators of the series expressly stated that the initial intentions were clear.

In 2020 the creator James Gunn revealed that he tried to tell the character’s sexuality in the first live-action of the 2001 series. However, the scenes shot were later removed from the final cut.

However, yesterday, with the release of the new film, the coming out was made official. In one scene, in fact, we see Velma lose her head at the sight of Coco Diablo, a new character present in the film.

Google celebrates Velma’s coming out: here’s how

Google’s homage comes in the form of an easter egg. In fact, if you try to search for “Velma” on the famous search engine, the returned results will be flooded with rainbow flags and colored confetti.. A celebration that emphasizes the freedom of each individual to claim and express their essence.

The story of Velma is in this sense extremely symbolic, given that the creators have repeatedly stressed the desire to let this side of her come out, although this aspect has always been hindered. Speaking of the live-action film shot in 2001, creator James Gunn explained:

“In 2001 Velma was explicitly a lesbian in my initial script, but the studio continued to dilute that aspect, first making it all ambiguous and then removing all the scenes. In the end we see her, in the sequel, with a boyfriend ”.

Also in 2020, Tony Cervonethe supervising producer of the Mystery Incorporated series, wrote on Instagram that the character was gay and not bisexual, thus explaining his uncomfortable relationship with Shaggy.

“In our plans Velma should always have been uncomfortable when she was dating Shaggy, because that relationship was wrong for her,” Cervone explained.