Confirmed the new expansion of The Sims 4?

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It seems that theespansione The Sims 4: High School is close to the official announcement, as was indirectly confirmed by a new image. If the news turns out to be true, the package will be the next major update of the game contents after the game pack Lupi Mannari, released earlier this week. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Sims 4: High School – a new expansion coming?

Il Game Pack Lupi Mannari was officially revealed in early June and promised a ‘extensive history of werewolves for players to discover. Beyond transform game characters in supernatural werewolves, the package also introduced a new world called Moonwood Mill. Downloadable content includes new game mechanics which allow players to participate in werewolf-specific activities and join wolf packs.

The Expected High School Expansion, already leaked in a poll held by EA, appears to have been confirmed by The Henford Hen on Twitter. At the moment the announcement of the DLC is still active and it states that the package will presumably be released on July 27. Although there is already a specific priceThe Sims 4: High School is not currently available for pre-order.

Furthermore, no information on the contents of the DLC was provided. At the moment, the package contains a generic description of The Sims 4 which lists the activities of the base game. However, the promotional image it seems quite believablealthough it deviates slightly from the official DLC covers of The Sims 4 and it could be made by a fan.

It’s all a mystery at the moment. We do not know if EA will officially announce this new expansion or if it is a mistake and a fan-made. We just have to wait and hope that the image is official. And you, what new expansion would you like to receive in The Sims 4?

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