Conio, the first Italian wallet changes its face

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Il first Italian Conio wallet debuted in 2017 and attracted over 350 thousand peopleand today announces a rebranding and change of interface. One way to also graphically show the growth of the multiform custody system that allows the safe exchange of Bitcoin.

Conio, the first Italian wallet changes interface and face

A great level of security is a fundamental prerequisite for any financial app, especially in the field of cryptocurrencies. But Coinage has been able to attract the attention of even beginners thanks to the simplicity of its interface, which allowed it to win i San Francisco Design Week Award.

Strengthened by this experience, Conio today changes its face with a new one design and the payoff “We guard the future”. A way to underline that tomorrow will see digital currencies more and more at the center. But also to emphasize the rapid change that each reality linked to Bitcoin he must be able to govern successfully, without diminishing security.

Christian Miccoli, co-founder and CEO of Conio, he explains: “Investors using Conio and its wallet have grown exponentially in the space of a few years. This makes us proud ”.

Christian Miccoli, co-fonConio’s employer and CEO

Miccoli continues: “Our rebranding wants to be an important signal for all users: the world changes quickly, especially that of Bitcoin and cryptocurrenciesma Conio changes with him ensuring simplicity of use and safety, the two fundamental pillars that support us from our foundation. “

The rebranding concerns both the logo that app and site. The logo remains in the shape of a bean, in continuity with the history of Conio in recent years. However, it changes color by dyeing “iridescence“. A way to express the innovative soul of the product.

This change of face wants to help Conio for the future, with il 75,2% of the respondents from the Wallet Observatory want buy goods and services with Bitcoin. A market full of potential, which Conio will tackle with a new look. For more information, you can find the company’s website here.