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Connected cars and hybrid work in the crosshairs of cybercriminals

According to the report on cybersecurity Future/Tense: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2023 Of Trend Microi cybercriminali they will intensify the attacks by targeting them mainly to connected cars, home offices, supply chains and the cloud.

Future/Tense: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2023, il report di Trend Micro sulla cybersecurity

Research published by Trend Micro has highlighted how the rent a VPN to represent the coveted target of cybercriminals. Home routers will also follow the same fate, as will supply chains.

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“The pandemic is in a regression phase, but remote working is a trend that will continue,” he said Marcus SalvatoreTTechnical Director of Trend Micro Italy.

“This year, we expect cybercriminals to focus on unpatched VPN networks, connected home office devices, and back-end cloud infrastructure. Organizations need to help overworked security teams by consolidating attack surface management and detection and response through a single, more effective and cost-effective security platform.”

In particular, cyberattacks will be of type ransomware for data theft. Even the gangs of cybercriminals are reported to be growing considerably, forming real teams specialized in blackmail and data theft, extorting money directly from the victims.

On the other hand, there are teams of hackers who could propose more innovative attacks, focusing on data monetization such as i credit card numbers.

But to enter the crosshairs of cybercriminals are also the services cloud, whose boom in popularity broke out precisely with the pandemic. This is due to the adoption of hybrid work, allowing employees to work even from home.

Trend micro

Connected cars and the home office are also targeted by cybercriminals

In particular, hackers seem to be focusing mainly on cloud API (Application Programming Interface) of connected cars. In fact, recently produced cars possess integration with a e.g (embedded SIM) used to transmit data, communicate with back-end cloud servers and create Wi-Fi hotspots.

Back-end applications are very important, as they allow you to start, stop and unlock a car remotely. It goes without saying that cybercriminals have also started targeting smart cars and it is very likely, according to the Trend Micro report, that attacks will continue to rise by taking advantage of any security holes.

Another problem are attacks on reti home office. In fact, with the pandemic, smartworking has become a fairly privileged way of working, making VPN networks prey to easy attacks.

How come? Because the home devices used for work are directly connected to company resources. As a result, by leveraging VPN networks they can be able to move laterally across the enterprise.

Other Threats: Deepfakes, Metaverse, and Open Source Software

According to the report, cybercriminals will mainly aim to defraud people who are alone or inexperienced in the digital world. In particular they may prefer scams BECor Business Email Compromise to target employees and organizations, leveraging artificial intelligence and deepfakes to make their attacks convincing.

Among the targets identified by Trend Micro there are also the NFT and the metaverso, with violations of cryptocurrency exchange platforms and sites that operate as online banks. Not to be overlooked also i software open sourcewhich may have cracks in the defenses, especially if not updated for some time.

Furthermore, according to the report, in 2023, attacks on IT infrastructure to hit, consequently, i sistemi OT collegati.

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However, there is good news: companies seem to be already taking remedial action thanks to new developed technologies, even if a certain shortage has nevertheless been recorded on the OT/ICS (Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems).

Companies are also approaching a more holistic security system, even if many others have decided to continue with more heterogeneous vertical solutions which, unfortunately, are proving to be ineffective.

To deal with cyberthreats, Trend Micro recommends adopting zero trust strategy, train employees, test infrastructure, and adopt unified security platforms.

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