Contact Frame for Alder Lake: Implemented for Intel CPUs

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Thermal Grizzly has announced the implementation of the new Contact frame for Alder Lake. This new Contact Frame will serve to reduce Intel CPU temperatures by up to 10 degrees

Thermal Grizzly, gave a presentation, in which he showed the new Contact frame per Alder Lake. This new Contact Frame it has been specifically designed to solve the bending problems present with the latest 12th Generation Intel CPU. This was developed in conjunction with the extraordinary overclocking Der8auer. The new Contact Frame promises to be able to lower the high operating temperatures on theAlder Lake of Intel (For more information click here).

According to the company, this improvement is achieved by fixing the independent loading mechanism (ILM) of that platform. By doing this, it has been shown to slightly deflect the built-in heatsink (IHS), reducing its heat transfer capacity.

Contact Frame for Alder Lake: Implemented for Intel CPUs

Tests carried out

As tested by Igor’s Labthe new contact frame for LGA 1700 reduced the operating temperature of theIntel Core i9-12900K of a whopping 10.19 degrees C. And 70.48 degrees C without Contact Frame and verse 60,29gradi C after installation. The CPU has been configured to perform the popular stress test Prime95with Small FFTs at a fixed rate of 5 GHz on its P-cores. The processor E-cores have been deactivated in order not to compromise the results. Instead the memory subsystem was run at DDR5-7000. Thermal Grizzly’s Contact Frame isn’t the only product in this category. In fact, the company has decided to introduce its product for the European market.

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