Continental presented the mobility of the future at CES 2023, with an eye to safety

Continental ha presentato la mobilità del futuro al CES 2023, con un occhio di riguardo nei confronti della sicurezza thumbnail

Continentala company that develops intelligent technologies, showed during the CES 2023 held in Las Vegas, his vision of mobility of the future. It thus presented innovations regarding the vehicles of tomorrow and which respond to new mobility needs by making the roads safer, the user experience more engaging and driving more sustainable.

Continental at CES 2023, a new era of mobility

Continental promotes innovative technologies and sustainable solutions along the entire value chain: from materials to recycling. At CES 2023, the Group highlighted two examples of sustainable tires for commercial vehicles: ContiTread EcoPlus Green and Conti Urban. Both products demonstrate the brand’s avant-garde in the field of sustainability.

Continental at CES 2023, the integration of CV3 SoC

Continental is integrating the family “CV3” SoC with the semiconductor company’s artificial intelligence Ambarella in its advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The goal is to offer the market scalable solutions that meet the individual needs of assisted driving.

The variety of high-performance SoC systems created by Ambarella are energy efficient and scalable, capable of processing data acquired from sensors faster and more completely at approximately half of the normal energy consumption.

HRL131 high performance LiDAR technology

Developed together with partner AEye, the HRL131 high performance LiDAR technology from Continental enables new self-driving capabilities. IS the first long-range LiDAR of the automotive industry, designed to see farther and react to objects sooner than ever before.

The sensors are able to detect vehicles more than 300 meters away and pedestrians more than 200 meters. In this way, the technology enables key functions for the transport of goods and people. Testing and validation will take place in 2023 while production of the first series is scheduled for the end of 2024.

The software of the future with the CAEdge

I software of the future will enable new opportunities for vehicles. To ensure that the vehicles can expand their functions, Continental has come up with Continental Automotive Edge Framework (CAEdge).

It is a framework modular hardware and software that connects the vehicle to the cloud and offers developers the ability to create, test and release software functions in a highly efficient way.

This allows connected vehicles to continuously evolve throughout the life cycle with updates quick and effective. In this way, drivers can integrate functions as they are developed, continuously adding performance to the vehicle.

The immersive driving experience with the Curved Ultrawide Display

continental pp curved ultrawide display low

The innovations aim to improve the driving experience. Continental’s goal is not only to make driving safer, but also more intuitive and engaging for drivers. Indeed, with the Curved Ultrawide Display, Continental presented at CES 2023 a curved display that spans the entire width of the cockpit. By “Ultrawide” we mean one width of more than 1.2 meters, which extends from one “A” pillar to the other. The state-of-the-art display design takes the user experience to a new dimension, while the innovative operating concept based on an invisible control panel ensures greater safety and comfort.