Control console: good reasons to choose Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

Control console: good reasons to choose Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

ATEM Mini Pro ISO was developed by Blackmagic to meet the needs of professionals. Let’s find out why it’s a great choice

A small format control console thanks to which it is possible to manage up to a maximum of 4 HDMI inputs: we are talking about Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro, a device with a not super professional character but which proves ideal for a target audience of prosumers. Even professionals, however, can appreciate its usefulness, albeit for limited and specific applications. But who is the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro aimed at? To vloggers and ai videomaker, for example, without forgetting the services that are responsible for the management of conference rooms and the companies that use streaming with considerable frequency. In short, in all circumstances in which there is a need to quickly set up a micro-direction for streaming, here is that ATEM Mini offers everything you need to obtain optimal results.

Why choose Blackmagic ATEM Mini

The basic model of ATEM Mini made its debut just over a year ago, but since then numerous products belonging to its family have been launched on the market: not only ATEM Mini Pro, but also ATEM Mini Pro ISO, which represents its subsequent evolution. Obviously, all versions ensured an improvement and an innovative addition, so that the assortment of possible applications for the device has been expanding more and more. In addition to the 4 HDMI inputs you have an HDMI output. There is no 4K, but it would not help much if you have to use a usual room projector or using streaming: in short, the Full HD resolution is more than enough.

The most important peculiarities of the device

Beyond the video inputs, this device also offers two audio inputs; the console can be directly connected to the Internet by means of a network socket, and if desired it is possible to emulate a webcam through a USB socket: just connect ATEM Mini to a computer to end up with a source for videoconferencing that will not cause problems and will guarantee the highest standards of professionalism. Therefore, there are many use cases for a product that makes versatility one of its distinctive features.

From the basic version up

The official list price for the basic version of ATEM Mini is 289 euros: an honest figure for a device that has been designed and developed to guarantee pure computer-assisted streaming. A series of curtains can be used for the transitions between the sources, while the management of the video input is guaranteed by special selectors. Again, here it is complete management of the audio mixer. Those who wish, then, have the opportunity to take advantage of the chroma keu, in case they need to remove the backgrounds. Here, therefore, that ATEM Mini also allows you to manage the effects on the move from third-party computers working in key. The reproduction – not only in key – of the still images is ensured by an internal media player that allows you to add static graphics in real time. The HDMI output it can be sent, among other things, to a room projector: a chance to exploit when you plan to stream a physical event that is being filmed.

ATEM Mini Pro: everything you need to know

Should you wish to opt for the ATEM Mini Pro you must be ready to face a double expense: the official list price is 569 euros, to which VAT must be added. However, it is an outlay that is worth facing, taking into account the variety and quality of the functions that can be taken advantage of. Obviously they are all guaranteed the features of the basic model, plus you can configure the HDMI output. Depending on the needs, it is possible to force the repetition of an input or to take advantage of the typical direction mosaic, with various information panels – including the streaming situation and the audio VU Meters -, but also the 4 sources, preview and program.

When is it worthwhile to bet on Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

Furthermore, using ATEM Mini Pro you can go in streaming tramite Ethernet with custom RTMP destinations and to all the most important services, from Twitch to Facebook, via Youtube. The possibility of recording the editing locally via the USB output should not be overlooked. This way, an optimal copy of the live editing, which can eventually be used later.


The next step is represented by ATEM Mini Pro ISO, which Blackmagic has developed to meet the needs of professionals: the official list price is 849 euros. With this version, the direction allows you to follow the event live, and in addition you have the possibility to memorize all the footage of the different cameras: which is useful, for example, to correct a direction error or more simply to refine the job. You can register on drive USB: all 4 sources, in addition to the program. Finally, creating a project file is essential to edit after shooting with DaVinci Resolve.

Multi-camera streaming management

A computer and a quality software are more than enough for the management of multicamera streaming, as long as you have – of course – some video input encoding interfaces. They are almost always based on OBS, which is one open source platform; the reference paid platforms, on the other hand, are Wirecast (both for Windows and Mac) and VMix (only for Windows). In any case, it is worth taking into account the peculiarities of software solutions, characterized by one inherent vulnerability. Furthermore, if you intend to operate in a multi-camera it is always difficult to have to deal with multiple video encoding interfaces. ATEM Mini’s solution is hardware, which means that management and input logic have few problems from the point of view of computer power and configuration. ATEM Mini, however, can be connected via local network to the computer and ensures compatibility with the control software.