7-Zip: after two decades of exclusive Windows finally lands on Linux

7-Zip: after two decades of exclusive Windows finally lands on Linux

After more than two decades of exclusivity on Windows, 7-Zip, a well-known software for managing compressed archives, also lands on Linux

Surely any of you will have come across one at least once compressed archive. To manage these particular types of files, specific software is always required that allow compression, decompression and management of the folders inside them.

7-Zip is definitely one of the programs for managing these files most famous and used. Launched in 1999, it has certainly become one of the cornerstones of Windows software for this use. However after over two decades of Windows exclusive, the well-known software is also preparing to arrive for Linux systems.

7-Zip: after two decades of exclusive Windows finally lands on Linux

Let’s find out the official version of 7-Zip on Linux

The program download is available at the official site page from which you can download the version 21.01 with code optimized for 64-bit architecture and for x86 processors The ARM. The functions that can be exploited with this new version are exactly the same as the software for Windows. The only difference is that, at least for the moment, the operation is limited to only one command line.

Through the aforementioned software open-source, as now known to most, you will have the ability to manage without any problem compressed files in all major formats: 7Z, ZIP, TAR, RAR and GZIP just to name a few. 7-Zip has over 410 million downloads only from the SourceForge platform. Even today, the software development is handled by the Russian programmer Igor Pavlov who launched it for the first time back in ’99. Pavlov himself admitted, among other things, that the delayed release in the time of the software su Linux was caused by its impracticality with the aforementioned operating system.

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