Cooler Master announces the launch of the CK721 wireless mechanical keyboard

Cooler Master annuncia il lancio della tastiera meccanica wireless CK721 thumbnail

Cooler Master announced the official launch of the wireless mechanical keyboard CK721. It is a solution designed for everyday use, offering a lot of versatility both for use in the office and for gaming. The new Cooler Master keyboard arrives on the market in two versions. The first model has a space gray color with black key covers while the second is silver with white key covers.

Cooler Master’s new CK721 mechanical keyboard debuts

Cooler Master’s new CK721 keyboard can be used both wirelessly and wired. As for wireless connectivity, you can choose between connectivity 2.4 GHz and the Bluetooth 5.1. The keyboard can be coupled to 3 distinct profiles with 3 different devices allowing the gradual transition between them. There is a LED backlight that can be customized with the software MasterPlus+. The 65% compact design allows for even easier use on the go. The keyboard is compatible with every modern device, starting with Windows 8 and later, Mac OS X, iOS and Android and includes a 2000 mAh battery. The retail price is 129 euros.

The company comment

Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager di Cooler Master, declares: “In the beginning we envisioned the CK721 as an extremely performing workhorse, but one that has evolved into something that is so much more. With its sleek design, full functionality and a long-lasting shell, CK721 is one of the most extraordinary keyboards we’ve ever produced. “