Cooler Master: arriva “Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition”

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Cooler Master celebrates 30 years of success and new horizons with “Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition” by CMODX

Cooler Master has been a world leader for 30 years in the design and manufacture of computer components and peripherals dedicated to an audience of hardware enthusiasts. The company has always been the right choice for all those looking for the latest in terms of technology. With an eye always projected to the constant search for perfection, Cooler Master welcomes a future that will go far beyond its consolidated roots in the development of PC components and, today, also embraces the “tech lifestyle” and the passions of new generations. The goal is to create a community for individuals who dare to stand out from the crowd and embrace their creative identity. From its DNA come a series of products and systems that wink at all those who have the skills, the tools and the desire to look for new customizations.

30 years of Cooler Masters

Today the Taiwanese company is pleased to announce the official launch of Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition. A limited edition system made to celebrate 30 years of success. This will be aimed at 999 enthusiasts worldwide (only 10 in Italy) looking for an exclusive product featuring a commemorative hexagonal badge.

Cooler Master: arriva "Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition"

Limited Edition xxx / 999 Decades Of Shaping thr Future Since 1992

Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition is a C700M-based system remastered with top quality materials. As well as possessing an exclusive Chameleon color scheme paired with Cooler Master’s iconic colours. C700M is the top-of-the-range case and flagship of the Taiwanese multinational. Capable of implementing the most advanced solutions within the consumer market and with a design that is still innovative today compared to current trends. With an eye to the future, while remaining faithful to its roots. Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Limited Edition system focuses on sheer performance to satisfy hardcore gamers, professionals and creatives alike and can therefore be defined as both a “Productivity Monster” and a “Gaming Beast”.

Pricing and availability of Cooler master 30th anniversary products

Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Limited Edition features:

  • il case Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Limited Edition
  • the new alimentatore V1300 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Platinum
  • the brand new ventole Mobius 30th Anniversary Limited Edition da 120 mm e MasterLiquid PL360 Flux 30th Anniversary Edition

The 10 units of the Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition system reserved for our country will be marketed starting next week exclusively in the online shops and physical stores of: and Ollostore. The recommended retail price will be €1,669.00 including VAT.

Cooler Master: arriva "Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition"


Cooler Master is also pleased to announce the official launch of CMODX ( An online platform where you can learn about premium desktop systems in collaboration with community experts and Cooler Master Case Mod World Series winners. Plus other innovative tech lifestyle products.

And you? What do you think of these 30 years of Cooler Master ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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