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Cooler Master: inauguration of the new headquarters in Neihu

In the last few hours Cooler Master has inaugurated its brand new headquarters in the Neihu district in Taipei

Cooler Master is a global company headquartered in Taipei (here for more info). Born 30 years ago as a manufacturer of hardware components, she has always had an innovative vision of products compared to the rest of the hardware industry. It’s been a long time since the world’s first ever aluminum case was introduced! And today, in the new era of total modularity, Cooler Master has the desire to take its fans by the hand in the aesthetic choice of shape and control of their PC. Accompanying them starting from the personalization of your own case.

Details on Cooler Master’s new Neihu headquarters

In the last few hours, Cooler Master’s 30 years of activity have been celebrated. Past going well beyond their consolidated roots in the development of PC components and embracing the passions of the new generations, The Taiwanese company is proud to announce the inauguration of its new headquarters, located in Neihu District, in the northeast area of ​​Taipei city in Taiwan. Cooler Master has invested great resources in the new campus! By centralizing the teams of all group companies, such as Cooler Master Technology Inc., Cooler Master Corporation and all initiatives still in development.

Cooler Master: inauguration of the new headquarters in Neihu

Grand opening event

Cooler Master, celebrated the opening of the new campus by commemorating 30 years spent shaping the future by opening the doors to its partners and friends. Sharing fond memories of accomplishments and eagerly looking forward to continuing to help reinvigorate the “tech lifestyle” of young and old alike.

Cooler Master’s new headquarters, located in Neihu is the new home for the business units. As well as for the teams that are charting Cooler Master’s course to look beyond the PC component sector. Exploring new horizons, ranging from education to lifestyle, up to customized solutions and experiences for their enthusiasts. The new campus is the vessel into which Cooler Master Academy, CMIX, CMODX, MasterRide and other projects will be pouredwhich will take shape in the coming years.

A step towards the future

Cooler Master is constantly evolving and presents an increasingly rich product portfolio that embraces new markets. But the architectural aesthetics of the building are very clearly influenced by the iconic thermal solutions, the flagship of the Taiwanese company for 30 years. Embracing a clean and future-oriented design language, starting from the exterior and ending with a spacious and well-lit interior, the new campus represents a functional, emotional and pleasing to the eye space.

The functionality and aesthetics were optimized by the studio of architect Kuo, Hsu-yuan, and the interior design by the DESFA Group. With visual and practical elements that blend seamlessly to create a cohesive look that reflects Cooler Master in its current form and aligns with its vision for the future. The new campus in Neihu district demonstrates commitment not only to partners. But above all towards the community of enthusiasts who inspire and push the Taiwanese company to focus on the constant search for perfection.

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