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Cooler Master: Synk X multi-platform armchair arrives

Cooler Master introduces the multi-platform Synk X haptic chair, which will revolutionize home entertainment

For 30 years Cooler Master is a world leader in the design and manufacture of computer components and high-performance solutions built on the CMODX platform. These are ideal for those who integrate technology into every aspect of their daily lives and are looking to stand out from the crowd. Innovative and cutting-edge, the Taiwanese company is happy to announce the official launch of Synk X. Synk X is the cross-platform haptic chair that will revolutionize the user experience of immersive entertainment, providing a new level of immersion for home entertainment.

Details on Cooler Master’s new Synk X chair

Synk X delivers a lifelike entertainment experience through its ability to create amplified immersion. This innovative chair converts sound waves into vibrations and provides real-time tactile experiences: Engaging users in the virtual environment and atmosphere like never before. In this way, Synk X represents a new way to immerse yourself in the imaginary world, guaranteeing a real sensory explosion.

Cooler Master: Synk X multi-platform armchair arrives

Immersive entertainment: any kind, anytime, anywhere.

Synk X caters to a diverse audience of enthusiasts and gamers, supporting a wide range of content types and hardware platforms. Including TVs, PCs, game consoles, VR headsets and mobile devices. In this way, Synk X adapts perfectly to different hobbies and lifestyles, guaranteeing an unprecedented immersive experience for all users. In fact, they can freely choose the Bluetooth device they prefer, without worrying about compatibility. Furthermore, thanks to the powerful built-in long-lasting battery and the highly stable rotating base, it is possible to use the chair in total freedom. Without having to keep it connected during use, to enjoy hours of entertainment without interruptions. Synk X offers a wide range of customizable options to meet each user’s needs.

Personal settings for a tailor-made experience with the new Synk X chair from Cooler Master

Ergonomic chair design, featuring a 135° posture-supporting backrest, adjustable armrests and a two-stage retractable leg rest. This will allow you multiple settings for seat height, seating position and recline angle, based on your personal preferences. Thanks to “Cooler Master Halo Illumination “, a sophisticated and cutting-edge atmosphere is created thanks to the 7 modes of ARGB lighting effects, customizable to meet the preferences of each user. Synk X features an advanced control interface for selecting audio sources, vibration levels and headphone volume. Thus ensuring easy and intuitive management without the need for complicated settings or additional software.

Cooler Master: Synk X multi-platform armchair arrives

Availability and price

Synk X not only offers an immersive experience, but also a streamlined exterior design, adding a touch of elegant modernity to users’ daily lives. In short, Synk X seamlessly blends lifelike entertainment with a modern tech lifestyle. The armchair was designed to allow users to feel the tension in a challenging shooter, immerse themselves in the adventures of a film or move to the rhythm of the music without getting up. Synk X aims to bring users a new and ultimate entertainment experience. The multiplatform haptic chair Synk X is already on sale in Italy exclusively by Drako, at a price of €1279 including VAT.

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