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Corsair 6500X Glass review: the new Dual Chamber case

Il Corsair 6500X Glass it is a case that combines refined aesthetics and high-quality materials, offering an ideal platform for customizing your system. With elegant and well-crafted tempered glass panels, this case gives your PC a distinctive visual presence.

The structure of 6500X It’s built with premium materials, including sturdy metals and high-quality plastic. The tempered glass side panels not only provide a clear view of your internal hardware, but also add a touch of elegance and modernity to the overall setup.

The modularity option is a distinctive aspect of the 6500 series, allowing you to customize the panel layout to make your case unique. This feature gives you the ability to make your PC stand out based on your aesthetic preferences.

Corsair 6500X Glass review: the new Dual Chamber case

Optional Accessories:

Additionally, the Corsair 6500 Series offers a range of accessories, including panel kits 6500 Series ELITE. These kits allow for further customization, adding extra features to your case. While the description provided does not specifically detail the accessories included in the ELITE kits, it is reasonable to expect them to add further versatility and style to your setup.

Corsair Accessories Available:

Il RapidRoute RetroFit Kit (available online only) simplifies cable management in 2500 and 6500 Series cases. Adds two extra cable management bars and zip tie attachment points, providing a virtually effective solution to keeping your system tidy.

For those who want to highlight their graphics card, the 6500 Series Vertical Mount Kit (available online only) is designed specifically for the 6500D and 6500X cases. This kit includes a shorter 175mm PCIe 4.0 cable, allowing you to mount your graphics card vertically, transforming your system’s display.

For further expansion of customization possibilities, the 6500 Series Glass Conversion Kit (available exclusively online) is an accessory that allows you to improve your 6500D case. This glazed conversion kit adds a new dimension to your setup, incorporating a flawless tempered glass panel. With this option, you basically have the ability to transform a 6500D case into a 6500X, expanding the aesthetic options of your system.

However, it should be noted that one aspect to consider may be the lack of fans included inside the case, which may require a separate purchase to ensure proper ventilation and cooling of the system.

In summary, the series of accessories available for the Corsair 6500X Glass offers a range of solutions, from improved cable management to the ability to mount your graphics card vertically, to a complete aesthetic transformation of your case. These accessories add further versatility and customization options to create a unique setup perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Interior and component installation | Corsair 6500X Glass review

Il Corsair 6500X Glass offers a wide range of options for mounting hardware components, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to the configuration needs of advanced systems. The generous size of the case, with its measurements of 481 x 328 x 496 mmprovides ample internal space to accommodate components of various sizes.

In terms of cooling, the case offers a versatile layout with the possibility of installing fans on frontale, top, side, bottom e rear, allowing detailed customization of the cooling system. Radiator compatibility varies in different positions, allowing the installation of front, top, side, bottom and rear radiators, with sizes ranging from 120mm a 360mmthus offering extended options for advanced liquid cooling setups.

As for the motherboard, the Corsair 6500X Glass supports Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX e EATX (305mm x 277mm), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of motherboards. Storage management is equally flexible, with dedicated slots for 2x SSD da 2.5″ e 2x HDD da 3.5″allowing the creation of systems with large storage capacities.

Generous clearances include the ability to mount CPU cooler fino a 190mm tall, GPU with maximum length up to 400mm (or 370mm with front radiator) and power supplies up to 225mm of length. Additionally, the case provides a number of front I/O ports, including USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A (x4), USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C (x1)and headphone/microphone jack (x1).

It’s important to note that the Corsair 6500X Glass does not include any pre-installed fans, which may require a separate purchase to ensure adequate system cooling. However, the wide range of options and modular design make this case ideal for enthusiasts looking to customize and build a system that conforms to their specific needs and preferences. With a 2 year warrantythe Corsair 6500X Glass offers a solid foundation for building a powerful, customized PC system.

Last, but not least: the new chassis will have the possibility of completely replacing the panels (e.g. full glass could become full mesh by purchasing the appropriate kit) or integrating additional wooden panels.

This feature gives an additional level of customization, allowing users to dynamically adapt the case’s aesthetic to their preferences without having to replace the entire chassis. A finishing touch that highlights Corsair’s focus on versatility and creativity in the PC building experience.


In conclusion, the Corsair 6500X Glass It presents itself as an excellent choice for PC enthusiasts looking for a case with high performance and extensive customization. With a price of approx 200 eurothis chassis offers a combination of refined aesthetics and high-quality materials, providing an ideal platform for building a powerful and visually appealing system.

Extensive cooling options and flexibility in fan and radiator placement allow you to customize your cooling system to your specific needs, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency for high-performance components.

The modularity of the case, with the possibility of completely replacing panels or integrating different materials such as wood, adds a touch of versatility and originality to the construction experience.

However, it is important to note that the Corsair 6500X Glass It doesn’t include pre-installed fans, which could be an added cost for those looking for a complete cooling solution.

Despite this, the wealth of features offered, together with the possibility of advanced customization, justifies its price of approx 200 euromaking it a solid choice for those looking for a high-quality case for their gaming or work system.

With a 2 year warranty confirming its robustness, the Corsair 6500X Glass It is positioned as a lasting investment for enthusiasts looking for a high-end case.

Points in favor

  • Quality Design and Materials
  • Modular Configuration
  • Cooling Flexibility

Points against

  • Absence of pre-installed fans
  • Additional Cost for Accessories
  • Bulky dimensions
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