Corsair announces the arrival of DDR5 memory

DDR4 memory has performed well with the latest technologies, but Corsair is ready to bring memory with DDR5 modules to the market

In its latest post on the official blog, Corsair teased the upcoming release DDR5 memory kits and modules which would present really high speeds. DDR5 memory technology will arrive in third quarter of 2021 for next generation games and traditional PC platforms.

Corsair DDR5 memory: main features

Corsair says the company has had great success with its Dominator and Vengeance line of DDR4 memory kits and is now moving forward in offering the same quality in the DDR5 series. According to the company, DDR5-6400 memory will offer up to 51GB / s of bandwidth, twice that guaranteed by DDR4 memory and also with far better efficiency. It is also stated that the memory capacities will reach the enormous capacity of 128GB on a single memory module.

Corsair announces the arrival of DDR5 memory Corsair announces the arrival of DDR5 memory Corsair announces the arrival of DDR5 memory

Corsair doesn’t explicitly state what memory kits it will launch with the next generation, but we can definitely expect a brand new Dominator line. As for the launch of DDR5 memory, Corsair says the memory will launch soon and that in the coming months will share more information about memory technology and its respective products. There will also be faster modules in the future with other manufacturers reporting frequencies of over 10,000 MHz in the loading phase. It is expected to get memory capacity from 32, 64 and up to 128 GB this year with speeds between 4800 MHz e 5600 MHz. It also appears that the voltages on DDR5 memory may have increased up to 2.6V with the LN2 cooling.

Forecasts for the future

DDR5 memory is expected to bring more than double the performance increase over DDR4 as seen in previously leaked benchmarks. We have already seen DDR4 reach speeds of over 7 GHz with OC, so 10 GHz doesn’t seem like a big deal for next-generation memory also because SK Hynix and Micron already supply faster DRAM chips to memory vendors.

Corsair announces the arrival of DDR5 memory

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