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Corsair HS 80 MAX review: improvements and new features

In this article we will see the review of the wireless Corsair HS 80 MAX. Has Corsair managed to bring even more improvements to its prestigious range of high-end headphones with this exciting pair of earphones? Let’s find out together!

Audio in the gaming world is a very serious matter. In order to fully appreciate a video game, it is essential don’t miss even the smallest sonic detail.

Corsair understands this importance and with its HS 80 wireless headphones has made an effort exceptional. These headphones have been tuned with great care to meet the needs of both competitive gamers and single player gaming enthusiasts.

When joining a sound system of high quality with materials precious and a well thought out design, the result are probably of headphones exceptional under every aspect.

Corsair HS 80 MAX review: improvements and new features

Top materials and design | Corsair HS 80 MAX review

The Corsair HS 80 MAX they are aesthetically attractive ed elegant. With their finish opaque whitefit any preference, and the addition of LEDs on both sides and the mic gives them a pop extra. It should be noted that these LEDs can be turned off, which is a point positive.

The white lettering on the top of the headband is very Discrete and integrates perfectly with the overall design. All controls are located on the left ear cup, which includes the button power ona comfortable wheel for adjusting the volumea door Type C for the recharge and the microphone.

The pavilions, it should be remembered, are made in memory foam.

Speaking of the microphone, it’s important to note that it’s not removableeven if its management is a lot practice. Just place it in the mode “closure” to deactivate it. The material gummed with which it is made can be modeled, but once curved it could be a bit uncomfortable to reposition it in an upright position.

The importance of comfort

be thebow that the part of the earpads in contact with the body are made in tissue. This choice is very popular, especially on hot days, but unfortunately tends to harvest dust and skin debris, which can be a inconvenient.

An interesting aspect of thebow of the headphones is the millimetric adjustment system chosen by Corsair, which uses a system a velcro (oa tore up, if you prefer) on the inside of the same. This solution is extremely practical, as it allows the headphones to be adapted precisely to the size of the head. Thanks to the elasticity of the material, once you find the right size, it will be as if you are not wearing headphones at all.

Also, the possibility of rotate the earcups 180 degrees is another strong point of these headphones. This feature allows them to fit perfectly to the user’s face and offers the convenience of easy storage when not in use.

We can safely say that, obviously, the new version in terms of aesthetics and materials is exactly that of the Corsair HS 80 wireless of which you can find our review.

Corsair HS 80 MAX review: improvements and new features

How do these headphones sound? | Corsair HS 80 MAX review

As regards the fundamental aspect of the headphoneswe can only express maximum satisfaction. Thanks to the large driver implementation, well 50mm in diameterthe sound experience presents itself extremely powerfulcon i bassi confirming their surrender explosive e unbeatable compared to the competition.

The option to adjust the equalization through iCue allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of the headphones, and this is further enriched by the possibility of taking advantage of the technology Dolby Atmos a 24 bit. Both during competitive play and in single player mode, we have been able to enjoy outstanding stereo sound offered by these headphones, without feeling the need of audio management 7.1 or similar. The powerful audio drivers from 50mm neodymium ensure sound reproduction crystal clear on all frequencieswithout the slightest distortion or sound defect.

Our advice remains that of customize the equalization or start with a preset and make corrections as needed.

L’omnidirectional microphone audio and of very high quality, clearly superior to most microphones found in gaming headsets. Thanks to the best speaker drivers and a specially designed microphone, you and your teammates will immediately hear the difference of the HS80 MAX headset.

Corsair HS 80 MAX review: improvements and new features

Here are the new features | Corsair HS 80 MAX review

The new headphones HS80 MAX by Corsair represent a significant step forward in terms of quality and performance. They offer an amazing connection versatilitysupporting the Bluetooth for multiple platforms and consoles, plus fast wireless connection to 2,4 GHz.

The big news is their ability to seamlessly connect to all your devices, seamlessly switching between wireless and 2,4 GHz al Bluetooth and vice versa, all with a simple touch.

Plus, these headphones include all the distinguishing features of the HS80 series, including a professional omnidirectional microphone for a communication chiaraand flexible headband for the maximum comfort and a sturdy one aluminum structure. The HS80 MAX Premium bring the gaming experience to a upper levelsatisfying the needs of the most demanding players.

Corsair HS 80 MAX review: improvements and new features

Who should buy these headphones?

The Corsair HS80 MAX headset is an excellent option for a wide range of video game enthusiastsfrom the competitive gamer to the single player game enthusiast.

Their connection versatility, which includes both the Bluetooth for a wireless connection to a wide range of platforms and consoles, either a wireless connection to 2.4GHz super high speedmaking them ideal for anyone who wants a high-end gaming experience.

What significantly sets the HS80 MAX apart is their advanced audio technologyincluding the supporto Dolby Atmos a 24 bitwhich offers immersive spatial audio.

This combines perfectly with thecustomizable equalization through the intuitive tool Sonarworks SoundIDwhich creates a fully customized sound profile based on your individual listening preferences. This means you can experience the sound even more immersively and tailor it to your unique playing style.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality gaming headset and are eager to explore the new features and advanced options offered by the HS80 MAX, then this upgrade could be a great choice. However, if your current HS80 Wireless fully meets your gaming needs, you can safely continue to enjoy them without feeling the need.

Plus points

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Connection versatility
  • Customizable equalization

Points against

  • Price a bit high
  • iCUE indispensable
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