Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB review: here is the new top of the range case

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In this article we will see the review of the Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB. A case signed by the Californian house that surprised and impressed us on more than one occasion

With this top-of-the-range case Corsair wanted to do things really big and we’re not just talking about the generous size of this cabinet. In fact, we find a series of really interesting components installed: RGB LEDs, the Commander Core XT and the three RGB LL fans that complete an already rich package.

Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB review: here is the new top of the range case

Top real category materials and accessories Review Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB

The materials chosen to compose the case you are reading about are as always sought after and reliable. We find plastic elements of excellent quality, resistant metals and tempered glass.

After the 4000 series that struck us during the review of the Corsair 4000D we did not think of such a quick release of a 5000 series, but above all we did not expect many new features in a single step.

The hinges placed on both sides that allow us to open the case literally like a book and consequently the complete elimination of the fastening screws for the bulkheads are a real convenience.

Fixing a cable, adding a component or replacing one without worrying about unscrewing and removing the closing panel is satisfying and faster. Obviously, even the aesthetic factor alone benefits from this choice.

The version entrusted to our hands for the review is white, a choice that made our configuration more atypical and that goes perfectly with the RAMs, obviously always Corsair, of the same color. If you missed the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 review here is the link.

Still talking about aesthetics, it is good to underline that inside the case we find well 160 LED RGB that illuminate the top and bottom of the cabinet (both sides).

What we find on the outside | Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB review

From the first glances it is really easy to guess that we are in front of a case that leaves nothing to chance. The front panel as well as the top one are removable and hide a dust filter.

The glass side bulkhead is covered with a film that prevents unintentional scratches when mounting the PC. The cabinet, as previously mentioned, is made of top quality plastics and metals.

The front is divided into three parts. We find the mesh panel that hides a metal filter to prevent dust from entering. The panel is fixed to the case by means of magnetic spikes. As for the upper panel, we find an interlocking locking system.

On the front we find three RGB LL Corsair fans already installed. Obviously, no one prevents us from removing them to reposition them and in their place go to mount a 280 or 360 mm radiator.

Just above there is the power button, the reset button and the input / output for microphone and headphones. They also find space four USB 3.0 type A and one 3.1 type C sockets.

As anticipated on the sides we find the two panels fixed with hinges. The left side boasts tempered glass that provides an overview of the inside of the PC. On the contrary, the left panel, also equipped with hinges, is made of metal and hides the much appreciated wiring system RapidRoute.

Interior and component installation | Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB review

As for the interior, we are faced with many possibilities. As mentioned earlier, we can choose whether to mount a set of two (140mm) or three (120mm) fans for the front, the same goes for the top. Even a possible liquid cooler with attached radiator can easily find space.

We can also decide to take advantage of the motherboard side to install three 120m fans or a 360mm radiator.

Also excellent is the possibility of hiding the power supply thanks to the plastic covers.

For our part we found it really comfortable the possibility of taking advantage of the spaces dedicated to SSDs that are allocated in the back of the case, leaving much more air and far fewer cables in sight. The same goes for the mechanical disks which, despite being mounted on the front (under the motherboard), find two housings well hidden by a cover that also hides the power supply. A truly practical and elegant choice.

Even the new generation video cards find space inside this case which allows the insertion of VGAs up to 400mm long. The choice of the motherboard is also maximum, we could in fact install motherboards with form factor of the Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX type (305mm x 277mm).

Also this time, thanks to the RapidRoute cable management system, we were able to maintain an aesthetic cleanliness and in favor of the already excellent airflow.

Is the obligation to perfection really a flaw?

The only flaw if you want is that of having to arrange the cables almost perfectly inside the case. The cable management that is often overlooked on the rear side of the case becomes indispensable this time in order to close the panel.

Let’s face it, at least once in our life, we closed the back of our “suitcase style” case by screwing the back panel together hoping it wouldn’t explode due to cables from a non-modular power supply or similar.

In this case, since the system boasts hinges on one side and an interlocking locking system on the side, no cable will have to push on the side, otherwise, just like a used book, it will tend to open on its own initiative. Fortunately, thanks to the cable management system and thanks to the large amount of space available even with many cables there is no great effort to fix everything.

Cable management is also aided by the presence of the Commander CORE XT. This connector there it allows you to manage up to six fans and a Corsair LED strip kit.

Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB review: here is the new top of the range case


In conclusion, we are faced with a large-sized case with a significant cost. Price, recommended of 399 €, amply justified by the general quality but above all by the presence of three 120mm LL fans, a Commander CORE XT and a series of LED strips.

The opening of the walls through the hinges is a gimmick that makes the visual impact even more pleasant and increases its comfort in the assembly phases. The large space and the ability to manage HDDs and SSDs combined with the Corsair cable fixing system allows for optimal cable management.

Obviously the price if justified, combined with the important dimensions of the case itself does not make it suitable for everyone but overall we are faced with a cabinet that allows you to create unique builds of their kind.

The presence of dust filters in strategic points combined with the possibility of disassembling practically every part makes it perfect also for cleaning.

In short, this Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB is a case capable of combining intelligence and beauty without ever forgetting its most hard-core soul. that we love the PC world so much.

Points in favor

  • A unique style
  • Three fans, LED strips and Commander Core XT included
  • Hinged opening for the side bulkheads

Points against

  • A bit high price even if amply justified