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CORSAIR Introduces iCUE Murals Lighting: Unique RGB Software

CORSAIR today introduced iCUE Murals Lighting, a revolutionary software for creating immersive lighting effects

CORSAIR has always had a penchant for design and aesthetics, always working to create the best performance for its products, today it presented along the historical line of the brand, iCUE Murals Lightinga “revolutionary” (according to the brand) incredibly immersive lighting effects software powered directly through CORSAIR iCUE.

This powerful feature allows you to use images, videos and even on-screen visual effects to create amazing and imaginative lighting scenarios. Con Murals, your computer and the whole room will come to life thanks to an astonishing personalized management of RGB effects. As soon as we can test it by hand we will tell you our impressions, but we admit that it seems to be really interesting.

CORSAIR Introduces iCUE Murals Lighting: Unique RGB Software

CORSAIR Introduces iCUE Murals Lighting: Unique RGB Software

First of all we talk about Murals Lighting, instrument intuitive and interactive that allows anyone to create personalized RGB lighting effects using the iCUE software Without precedents. Upload any image, GIF or video to Murals, then place your RGB fixtures in different areas of the screen to create stunning visual effects for all your accessories. The platform is simple, easy to use and incredibly fun, and allows your entire gaming setup and surrounding ambient lights to transform and come to life with each new effect.

Murals is compatible with virtually any file format for static or animated images, so you can choose from your favorite videos or images and even combine RGB lighting with in-game effects in real time, creating completely unique combinations. With Murals you can unleash all your creativity, choosing and for example to apply a pixel art animation to all compatible components, peripherals and ambient lights, or any other effect, animation or audio visualization you want.

It also allows you to Extend the RGB light show beyond your PC, filling an entire room with vibrant multicolor effects. Thanks to the partnership with smart lighting ecosystems, such as Philips Hue and Nanoleaf, it is possible control the lighting of wall light panels, smart bulbs and many other accessories directly through the iCUE software and when used in conjunction with Murals, your system, ambient lighting and walls will glow in a multi-dimensional landscape of light, color and effects.

CORSAIR Introduces iCUE Murals Lighting: Unique RGB Software

We leave you to the words of Thi LaPresident and COO of CORSAIR;

We are excited to introduce iCUE Murals, a revolutionary step forward for system-wide interactive lighting control and customization. Our team has had a lot of fun with this software, and we’ve already had the chance to see some amazing ambient lighting setups* created by our Community users using Murals beta. We can’t wait to see what expert and novice users will be able to do with Murals, to create absolutely unique luminous landscapes

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