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CORSAIR introduces the new AIO RGB ELITE Series coolers

CORSAIR Introduces New ELITE Series RGB Liquid CPU Coolers, Compatible with LGA 1700 Sockets and New AF ELITE Series Fans

CORSAIR, today presented a new line of all-in-one cooling systems aimed at all those who prefer a minimalistic look in their configurations: the liquid heatsinks for CPU H100i RGB ELITE, H115i RGB ELITE e H150i RGB ELITE. Compatible with i latest Intel and AMD socketsincluding templates LGA 1700 and AM5and featuring the new CORSAIR AF ELITE Series fans for superior airflow, the RGB ELITE heatsinks provide excellent cooling performance, keeping CPU temperatures low even under the most demanding loads.

The new heatsinks of the RGB ELITE line will come marketed through all CORSAIR partners starting from the second half of June.

Simultaneously with the announcement of the new RGB ELITE heatsinks, also the new AF ELITE Series fans announced today will be available separately for sale at the same timelines. Made in white or black color and in the dimensions of 120 mm or 140 mmAF ELITE fans boast the powerful technology CORSAIR AirGuide and ultra-quiet fluid dynamic bearings to provide concentrated powerful airflow. If you’re looking for superior cooling performance to keep your system running at its peak, don’t miss out on the valve ELITE. Let’s see all the details.

CORSAIR introduces the new AIO RGB ELITE Series coolers

CORSAIR introduces the new AIO RGB ELITE Series coolers

The header of the new series are the H100i RGB ELITE, H115i RGB ELITE and H150i RGB ELITE heatsinks, which combine an attractive design, ease of use and ideal cooling performance for virtually any system.

Le valve ELITE PWM incluse provide powerful airflow while keeping noise to a minimum, thanks to technology CORSAIR AirGuide ed al fluid dynamic bearing. All new heatsinks efficiently disperse heat through the high heat exchange area of ​​the radiator and are available in different sizes to perfectly fit your system: 240 mm, 280 mm o 360 mm, respectively. The refined and modern design of the headboard of the pump diffuses the lighting produced by the 16 individually adjustable RGB LEDsand can be controlled with the rest of the RGB accessories using the versatile CORSAIR iCUE software, for extraordinary lighting effects that can also be synchronized with the in-game effects of supported titles.

CORSAIR introduces the new AIO RGB ELITE Series coolers

The beating heart of the RGB ELITE Series heatsinks are the new AF ELITE fans Series, also unveiled today and available separately in the coming weeks from all CORSAIR distributors and partners. Thanks to CORSAIR AirGuide technology, each fan uses anti-vortex fins located at the rear to direct a concentrated airflow to the system components that tend to overheat the most, thereby optimizing the overall cooling performance of each fan whether in intake, exhaust or radiator-mounted mode.

Durable fluid flow bearing ensures quiet operationwhile the PWM control ti Allows you to fine-tune fan speed – up to 1,850rpm for 120mm models and 1,600rpm for 140mm models. With support for zero RPM mode, the AF ELITE fans stop spinning completely at low temperatures, eliminating unwanted noise altogether. For those who place the highest priority on performance, AF ELITE fans are the optimal choice for achieving a higher level of cooling.

In addition, the H100i RGB ELITE, H115i RGB ELITE and H150i RGB ELITE heatsinks they are compatible with the AM5 standardthe next-generation AMD motherboard socket, which uses the same bracket for cooling systems as the AM4 model. This means there is no need to purchase a new bracket or replace the ELITE RGB cooler when you plan to upgrade your system to the new AM5 platform. The ELITE Series RGB heatsinks also natively support the LGA 1700 standard, to cool even the latest 12th generation Intel Core processors. They also offer maximum compatibility with older models such as LGA 1200, LGA 115x and LGA 2066.

CORSAIR introduces the new AIO RGB ELITE Series coolers CORSAIR introduces the new AIO RGB ELITE Series coolers

The installation of CPU coolers from the RGB ELITE line is easy and intuitive thanks to the modular mounting brackets tool-free and convenient location of USB Type-C power supply and fan connector for quick connection. Each heatsink of the RGB ELITE line is also accompanied by a five-year warranty.


CORSAIR RGB ELITE Series CPU coolers and CORSAIR AF ELITE Series fans will be available for sale from the second half of June in the CORSAIR online store and through CORSAIR’s network of authorized dealers and distributors around the world. The CORSAIR ELITE LCD CPU coolers come with a five-year warranty, while the AF ELITE Series fans come with a two-year warranty. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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