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Corsair k70 Pro mini wireless review: small only in size

In this article we are going to see the review of the Corsair k70 Pro mini wireless small in size but really big in performance!

When it comes to the Corsair K70, gamers already know that the quality is high but this further addition to the family is certainly a welcome surprise. Find this keyboard in a reduced size, wireless and with the ability to take advantage of the internal memory to save up to 50 profiles it can only make us happy. Of course we are here to mark merits e defects of this newcomer and not only to sing its praises. So here is our opinion on this brand new Corsair k70 Pro mini wireless.

Packaging e design | Review Corsair K70 Pro mini wireless

As for the packaging of this Corsair K70 RGB PRO we do not deviate from classic choices of the brand. Carton package with yellow background and photo of the keyboard on the top. As usual, the main features of the keyboard are not lacking on the box.

Inside the package we find ours K70 Pro mini wirelessa charging cable (Type A to Type C), two buttons (one is the space bar) interchangeable it’s a key to remove the keys. Directly connected to the headboard we also find the dongle for the connection that exploits all new Corsair technologies.

As far as aesthetics and materials are concerned, with some minor changes removed, we have nothing to report. The Format obviously 60% gives a particular and appreciable aesthetic in the same way.

Obviously, the aluminum body remains but the keys change. Unfortunately, if you buy the Italian version, you will not find the keys in PBT double-shot, but in any case there will be a novelty also in this aspect. Also not negligible possibility from to remove e substitute also the switch.

If in fact Corsair has always mounted frets in ABS in this K70 Pro mini wireless we will find polycarbonate as a material. To conclude the introduction dedicated to the keys it is good to point out that we have received from Corsair for this review of the K70 RGB PRO the version with MX Red switches. Obviously to have a keyboard reduced in size you have to give up the media compartment, the numeric keypad and some function keys.

How does it behave in play and in writing? | Corsair K70 Pro mini wireless review

Obviously this keyboard is designed to play and get carried away in everyday use is not the most immediate thing in the world even if for professional deformation we have developed a fairly advanced skill in becoming familiar with a new keyboard. After only a couple of days of use we got it confidence also in writing and, when the pie was over, having all the keys grouped nearby made us earn also a few seconds in the typing.

Obviously giving up the convenience of being able to adjust the volume with a wheel or switch between profiles with a button as we do with our K100 is not easy and if I told you that I would change in all respects with each other I would be lying. There Corsair k70 Mini is meant to play. Sure, you can safely use it as a do-it-all keyboard, but its anima and obviously gamer inside.

Obviously, the Axon functions they 8Mb of internal memory. Thanks to the dongle and its management it is possible to take advantage of the sistema SLEAPSTREAM which allows us to connect with maximum responsiveness, reaching up to 8000 Hz in hyper-polling.

Let’s see the technical sheet

We have anticipated a lot of data on this keyboard but we believe that a fast recap can make the idea even better.

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Switch: CHERRY MX RED
  • Polling rate: 8.000 Hz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless, wired (Typec -Type A)
  • Battery life: up to 32 hours with lighting on and up to 200 hours with lighting off
  • Internal memory: 8Mb
  • Adjustable profiles: up to 50

Who should buy this Corsair K70 Pro mini wireless?

In conclusion we are in front of a keyboard that is as anticipated and reiterated several times small only in size. The long battery life, the performances that thanks to the Hyper-polling and the Axon system become unparalleled make this new entry in the Corsair family one of the best 60% keyboards we have had the pleasure of typing on.

Of course it is designed for gaming and its use in everyday life is limited, although not impossible. In a nutshell if you are looking for a keyboard with this form factor and perhaps wireless you will hardly be disappointed. Sure the prezzo it is not the most accessible but overall more than justified!

Points in favor

  • Top design and materials
  • Ability to remove switches as well
  • Battery life
  • Connections

Points against

  • A little expensive (although justified)
  • Directional arrows are missing

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