Corsair M75 Air Wireless: here is the new gaming mouse

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Let’s discover Corsair’s new flagship gaming mouse, the M75 Air Wireless, immediately declared “definitive”

Corsair, a leading manufacturer of high-performance accessories and devices dedicated a gamer e content creator, announced the launch of the new ultra-light wireless mouse dedicated to gamers FPS top level: M75 Air Wireless. Contoured with a modern and sinuous shape to ensure maximum comfort and control, M75 Air will accompany you to victory during every battle.

Corsair M75 Air Wireless: here is the new gaming mouse

Dimensions and weight | Corsair M75 Air Wireless

Thanks to its symmetrical shape meticulously designed from scratch, M75 Air wants to establish itself within the rankings dedicated to mouse for competition. Through a rigorous process, every contour, perimeter and button housing was painstakingly redefined until the optimal shape was achieved.

The amazing weight of only 60 grams makes it the lightest device Corsair has ever made and lets you take full advantage of agile, fluid movements. Everything that was deemed absolutely superfluous for the gaming FPS from competition has been removed and even the most demanding players will be able to to experiment ed appreciate first and foremost the extraordinary combination of shape and lightness of M75 AIR.

Corsair M75 Air Wireless: here is the new gaming mouse

Optical sensor and high-level technology | Corsair M75 Air Wireless

With the M75 AIR, moving and aiming is child’s play: your opponents won’t even know what hit them. THE 100% PTFE feet they offer incredible smoothness on any gaming surface, avoiding hindering mouse movements in any way. An ultra-precise optical sensor Corsair Marksman with 26.000 DPI It detects even the most imperceptible movements and micro-movements without problems.

The high-level technology of M75 AIR allows you to transpose the actions performed by your hand onto the screen in a lightning-fast manner. The buttons Corsair Quickstrike with zero delay and the optical switches of the left and right buttons they record The input a speed stratospheric, then transmitting them without interruptions thanks to SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology or via Bluetooth. A long-lasting battery allows you to play for up to 100 hours continuously. Plus, in USB wired mode, you can continue playing even when your mouse is charging.

To celebrate this launch, an extremely limited quantity of a special M75 AIR Launch Edition will be available exclusively on the Corsair online store. Characterized by a splendid color bright yellow, this bundle M75 Air Launch Edition includes a limited edition mouse pad, high-performance glass mouse feet, and optional additional grips. With the M75 AIR, you can hold the fastest and most powerful mouse for FPS gaming in the palm of your hand.

Corsair M75 Air Wireless: here is the new gaming mouse

Availability, warranty and prices

Il mouse gaming Corsair M75 Air Wireless is now available at the Corsair online store. The gaming mouse Corsair M75 Air Wireless it is covered by a two-year warranty and is supported from customer support. The price at which this mouse will be presented will be approximately 150€.

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