Corsair: presented the new Sodimm Vengeance DDR5 RAM

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Corsair presented a new product that joins the award-winning DDR5 memory series: the Sodimm DDR5 Vengeance, let’s find out

Today, the leading company in the sector of the most advanced components for gamers, content creators and PC assemblers is churning out a big news. We are talking, of course, of Corsair, which presents a new product that joins the award-winning series of memories DDR5. In particular we are talking about the Sodimm Vengeance.

Main features

Optimized for the latest generation of laptops and small form factor PCs that use the standard Sodimm DDR5, these RAMs ensure revolutionary memory performance on compatible systems. Initially marketed with a speed of 4.800 Mhz and capacity up to 64 GB (2 x 32 GB)the SODIMM DDR5 VENGEANCE pushes the memory performance of laptops and small form factor PCs to the limit.

Corsair: presented the new Sodimm Vengeance DDR5 RAM

The new laptops as we know need high quality memory to operate at full capacity. This standard DDR5 undoubtedly assures modern CPU to receive data very quickly, thus increasing the speed of the system. Corsair’s Sodimm Vengenace DDR5 modules leverage higher frequencies and the increased capabilities of the DDR5 standard in order to optimize loading times and multitasking activities, so as to allow you to express the best from your configuration in every area, from gaming to professional applications.


Install and configure the new one RAM from Corsair it’s quick and easy – just one screwdriver is enough to install modules in most laptops. For high speed kits (5,200Mhz speed and above), the performance benefits of the modules are immediate: on compatible systems, the maximum speed is set automatically, without the need to adjust the BIOS settings.

Chip, PCB and availability

The new Sodimm DDR5 Vengeance modules are equipped with carefully selected memory chips to ensure consistent high frequency performance, and are installed on a superior quality PCB that guarantees a stable and excellent quality signal. These fantastic RAM memory are now available at the online shop the network of authorized dealers and distributors present all over the world. For up-to-date availability information, see the company’s website or contact your local Corsair PR or sales representatives.

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