Corsair: presented the VIRTUOSO PRO gaming/streaming headset with open-back design

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Listen to what really matters! Introducing the CORSAIR VIRTUOSO PRO gaming/streaming headset with open-back design

CORSAIR is a leading manufacturer of high-performance accessories and devices for gamers and content creators. It recently introduced a new headphone called VIRTUOSO PRO with open-back design. This product features advanced graphene drivers that deliver extremely realistic, high-quality audio, rivaling studio-grade headphones. The headset is ideal for streaming, gaming and media creation, allowing users to hear what really matters.

The VIRTUOSO PRO It’s custom-designed for streamers and gamers and features open-back ear cups that create a natural, spacious soundstage.. This design allows users to better perceive their surroundings and interact more naturally while wearing the headset.

Corsair: presented the VIRTUOSO PRO gaming/streaming headset with open-back design

Details on the new CORSAIR VIRTUOSO PRO headset

The 50mm graphene drivers represent an advanced technology that significantly improves the audio performance of the headphone. Graphene, being a more rigid material than traditional drivers, reduces distortions and offers audio rich in detail and precision. The VIRTUOSO PRO headphone is also designed to ensure maximum comfort during long listening sessions. This is thanks to the soft memory foam earcups and airflow in the earcups.

This headset It is compatible with Elgato’s Wave Link software, which allows you to mix, balance and arrange several audio sources simultaneously. Plus, it supports NVIDIA Broadcast technology to reduce echo and background noise during streaming broadcasts. The VIRTUOSO PRO headphone includes a detachable unidirectional noise-canceling microphone; but you can remove it to use an XLR or USB microphone, making the headphone suitable for various types of professional setups.


The VIRTUOSO PRO is available for purchase on the CORSAIR online store and through authorized resellers worldwide. It’s backed by a two-year warranty and backed by CORSAIR customer service and technical support. For updated pricing on the VIRTUOSO PRO headset, you can check the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representatives.

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