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CORSAIR: Will integrate NVIDIA Broadcast features

CORSAIR will integrate NVIDIA Broadcast functions into CORSAIR iCUE and Elgato software, let’s discover them together in this article

CORSAIRa leading manufacturer of high-end computers and accessories for gamers, content creators and PC enthusiasts, today announced the cooperation con NVIDIA to integrate key functions of NVIDIA Broadcast within the software CORSAIR iCUE, Elgato Wave Link ed Elgato Camera Hub.

Like all owners of graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX They already know, the effects managed by NVIDIA Broadcast Artificial Intelligence improve the quality of the microphone and camera in real time, thus offering a superior gaming, streaming and videoconferencing experience.

From today, it will also be possible to control them via the CORSAIR and Elgato software interfaces. Compatible versions of CORSAIR iCUE, Elgato Wave Link and Elgato Camera Hub are already available and ready to immediately allow gamers and content creators to make the most of their NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.

CORSAIR: Will integrate NVIDIA Broadcast features

Noise canceling function

The function of noise cancellation andeco based on IA of NVIDIA Broadcast increases the level of sharpness and clarity of audio, producing high quality sound effects on nearly the entire range of CORSAIR headphones, Elgato microphones and Elgato Wave XLR. Processed through processors Tensor Core of GeForce RTX graphics cards, NVIDIA Broadcast effects use machine learning to identify user voices to separate them from other ambient sounds, thus providing an advanced noise canceling system that can greatly improve the clarity of audio during calls and video calls.

Background noise, such as that of fans, buzz or traffic, disappears, making the speaker’s voice crystal clear. Furthermore, the effects of NVIDIA Broadcast cancel the environmental echo, offering professional quality mitigated acoustics in various spaces, without having to soundproof walls and ceiling.

As for video, the effects of NVIDIA Broadcast in Elgato Camera Hub offer additional background options, such as blur, replace or delete. Unlike other software solutions that produce patchy and inconsistent background effects, AI-enhanced filters of graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX let you pinpoint edges more precisely to create high-quality, more realistic effects, just like a camera would DSLRinstead using only a webcam.

CORSAIR: Will integrate NVIDIA Broadcast features

The new effects from NVIDIA Broadcast

Use the new NVIDIA Broadcast effects in CORSAIR and Elgato è software easy and fast. Whether a pair of CORSAIR headphones, or the headphone stand ST100is recognized by iCUE and your PC is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card at the same time, iCUE automatically prompts you to install theSDK for NVIDIA audio effects. An easily downloadable audio plug-in then integrates the noise canceling function into the software Elgato Wave Linkalso allowing you to use it with common streaming applications, such as OBS Studio.

At this point, inside the software Elgato Camera Hub (version 1.3 or later) a panel will appear from which you will be able to immediately access all the new wallpaper effects offered by NVIDIA Broadcast. The option “Elgato Virtual Camera”Can then be selected as a video input in various apps, including Zoom.

The words of Thi La and Jason Paul

Thi LaCORSAIR president and COO said:

We are thrilled to partner with NVIDIA to deliver a high quality audio and video experience to our customers. Thanks to the integration of NVIDIA Broadcast, we will add powerful features to iCUE and Elgato software to create more professional gaming, streaming and telecommuting stations.

Jason PaulNVIDIA’s vice president of GeForce Platform Marketing said:

The integration of NVIDIA Broadcast effects into CORSAIR and Elgato software will allow us to provide users with a better AI-based audio and video experience. These AI tools allow content creators using NVIDIA RTX graphics cards to create even more exciting live streams and video.

CORSAIR: Will integrate NVIDIA Broadcast features

Elgato HD60 X: will be the first device certified to be used together with G-SYNC displays

In addition to the integration of NVIDIA Broadcast, today Elgato announced that the award-winning capture card Elgato HD60 X will be the first device certified to be used in conjunction with display G-SYNC.

Con HD60 X and a compatible G-SYNC display, content creators will then be able to play their favorite titles taking full advantage of high-fidelity video resolution up to 4K60 HDR, with no artifacts, flickering or flickering of the screen. All while acquiring high definition gameplay at the same time.

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