CORSAIR’s new All-in-One coolers with iCUE LINK compatible LCD screen

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Today, CORSAIR, a leading manufacturer of high-end computers and accessories for gamers, content creators and PC enthusiasts, launched its latest advanced series of All-in-One coolers

This new series, called iCUE LINK LCD Series, is fully integrated into the iCUE LINK product ecosystem.

CORSAIR's new All-in-One coolers with iCUE LINK compatible LCD screen

CORSAIR unveils new iCUE LINK LCD series coolers

Equipped with a fully customizable display and 2.1 inches in IPS LCD technologythe fans CORSAIR QX with spectacular RGB lighting and a hidden wiring system, i iCUE LINK LCD Series heatsinks present a distinctive design.

Furthermore, they offer performance of reliable cooling thanks to the use of a copper plate with split flow, which guarantees efficient heat dissipation, even for the most demanding CPUs, ensuring optimal operation in every situation.

The dissipators iCUE LINK LCD Seriesincluding the H100i, H150i and H170i models, are available with different radiator sizes: 240mm, 360mm and 420mm.

This variety ensures compatibility with a wide range of systems. Their installation is simplified thanks to the high-quality CORSAIR XTM70 thermal paste already applied and the tool-free mounting brackets.

These coolers can be quickly mounted to a variety of popular sockets, including Intel LGA 1700, 1200, 115X and AMD AM5 and AM4 sockets.

CORSAIR's new All-in-One coolers with iCUE LINK compatible LCD screen

iCUE LINK: Simplified PC editing

Innovative ecosystem technology iCUE LINKcurrently in the patent phaseoffers the possibility of connecting all the components of the PC via a single cable. This revolutionary approach greatly simplifies the assembly process, making it fast and hassle-free.

Assemblers can easily connect the QX RGB fans supplied with the heatsink and additional fans in a direct connection, taking advantage of the versatile iCUE LINK universal connector and managing all devices through a single port on the iCUE LINK System Hub controller.

This results in a cleaner system, with fewer cables (and less time spent managing cables) than before.

Every heatsink in the line iCUE LINK LCD Series is characterized by one ultra-bright LCD screen with resolution 480×480 pixel positioned on the pump head.

This feature offers enthusiasts numerous possibilities to express their individuality in various ways. For example, you can display the logo of your favorite eSports team, play GIFs or show memes, taking advantage of the extraordinary 24-bit Truecolor color depth.

Additionally, thanks to the unique design of all iCUE LINK coolers, cables are completely hidden, ensuring a flawless-looking system assembly.

CORSAIR's new All-in-One coolers with iCUE LINK compatible LCD screen


In addition, the highly anticipated module was introduced today standalone iCUE LINK AIO LCD screenwhich allows users of early iCUE LINK models to easily upgrade their heatsink it’s atenrich the system with a Attractive LCD display.

This update is compatible with all iCUE LINK coolers released in 2023, including the iCUE LINK H170i RGB, iCUE LINK H150i RGB, iCUE LINK H115i RGB, and iCUE LINK H100i RGB models. Installation is quick and easy, without the need for tools: just align the screen with the connectors on the pump head and secure it, then allowing complete customization via the iCUE software.

Conversely, CORSAIR coolers that are not compatible with the iCUE LINK ecosystem, including the PRO, ELITE and ELITE CAPELLIX models, cannot be used with the new iCUE LINK AIO LCD display module.

These coolers combine two of CORSAIR’s most popular features: a stunning LCD display and the powerful ease of use of iCUE LINK technology, creating components that are unique in both aesthetics and practicality.

The CORSAIR iCUE LINK H100i LCD, H150i LCD, H170i LCD coolers and iCUE LINK AIO LCD display module are available for pre-order on the CORSAIR online store and will soon be available through CORSAIR’s extensive network of authorized resellers and distributors worldwide.

All iCUE LINK LCD Series heatsinks are covered by a six-year warranty, while the iCUE LINK AIO LCD display module is guaranteed for five years. Both products are backed by CORSAIR global customer service and technical assistance.

And you? What do you think of this new series, iCUE LINK LCD Series? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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