Could the ban of Oppo and OnePlus extend to Europe?

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Germany confirmed the ban a Oppo e OnePlus, re-emerging the possibility that the ban could extend to other European markets. The indiscretions are void of one Nokiaowner of some uncompensated patents, willing to go all the way.

Oppo and OnePlus, could the ban extend to Europe?

The issue arose last August, when Nokia complained about the non-payment of some licenses related to 4G and 5G patents. Nokia complained that Oppo and OnePlus from the BBK group and Motorola from the Lenovo group had to pay 2.50 euros for each smartphone sold to Nokia. Which is the owner of some patents for connectivity used by the two companies.

Oppo and OnePlus did not agree on the size of the payment, but given what emerged on the German market, the two companies have decided to withdraw their smartphones from the German market entirely. Here you can find our in-depth analysis from last August to better understand the situation.

Oneplus oppo mergerOneplus oppo merger

Some rumors (reported by HDBlog) suggest that Nokia is filing complaints about its right to pay for licenses in other European locations as well. Speaking also of Vivo and Realme, two other companies of the BBK group.

This raises the suspicion of the possibility of a ban, if not a European one, at least in other countries of the Union. Though Nokia and the gruppo BBK pthey could find a solution out of court for the payment of patents, solving the matter. Otherwise, a situation like the German one could arise, where sales are blocked. But customer support continues for products already purchased. We will keep you posted.