Create 5: ecco la nuova planetaria di  Electrolux thumbnail

Create 5: here is the new Electrolux planetary mixer

Create 5: here is the new Electrolux planetary mixer thumbnail

Clean and essential lines, advanced technology and powerful motor for impeccable results: the ideal companion for always imaginative cooking, Create 5 is the latest planetary mixer proposed by Electrolux. Whether it is work sweet or savory dough, whip a cream without lumps or one light and fluffy cream, the new mixer not only ensures extraordinary performance, but it’s a real one design object, able to embellish the kitchen with a touch of elegant Scandinavian sobriety.

Available in two finishes, Black Pearl e Solid White, Create 5 is equipped with a powerful 1200w motor which allows you to effortlessly knead thin pizzas, excellent loaves and many other delicious baked goods. Ideal both for working small doses and for grappling with large doughs, the new planetary mixer has a large 5L stainless steel bowl and includes three practical accessories to ensure perfectly smooth and uniform textures: the flat whisk it is useful for medium-density doughs, such as shortcrust pastry or shortcrust pastry, dough for meatballs or stuffing for fillings. Ideal for compounds that need to incorporate air, such as meringues or batters, is instead the wire whisk, while the dough hook it is suitable for leavened products that require energy, such as bread dough or focaccia.

Practice adjustment knob placed on the central body of the machine, it finally allows to set six different speeds with gradual change, or to start the Pulse function to give a greater sprint to the processing of different textures. The result of a careful study of the needs and habits of consumers, Create 5 is the last little ally signed by Electrolux that allows you to give shape to creativity in the kitchen, while maintaining maximum control during cooking. preparation for creative preparations but always technically perfect.

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