Creative BT-W4: the new Bluetooth transmitter announced by the company

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Today the well-known company Creative presented its new bluetooth transmitter the BT-W4 which promises versatility and reliability

Creative lancia Creative BT-W4, il Bluetooth transmitter able to combine connectivity without interruptions and high-resolution audio to ensure a superior wireless experience, offering an advantage even in the most cluttered environments, both in the workplace and in gaming.

This product features the latest aptX adaptive codec. This is able to track the quality of the connection, the type of content and to adapt the bitrate to the radiofrequency environment efficiently, automatically and without complications. It is also capable of delivering high-resolution audio to 24 bit in streaming a 48kHz and together reliability connection with Bluetooth 5.2, you can expect a smaller in number from interruptions and an improvement in terms of clarity e depth for music, movies and video games.

Versatility and customization with Creative BT-W4

The versatility of BT-W4 stands out thanks to the ease of switching between up to four devices at the push of a button, making multitasking a breeze. An analog plug-in microphone is included and is best used for gaming so that you can communicate with teammates. To complete the voice chat support is present Hands-Free Profile Mode, easily activated once connected to a wireless headset.

Creative BT-W4: the new Bluetooth transmitter announced by the company

You can customize it to your liking Creative BT-W4 thanks to the numerous options available. If connected via the Creative App, you can switch between paired devices remotely and change your audio with the equalizer and with Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine. We also notify full compatibility with PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5.

Creative BT-W4 is available for € 54.99 on the Creative website. What do you think of this new product presented by Creative? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading all the notes to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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