Creative Zen Hybrid: Find your Zen before others

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Creative on the occasion of the launch of its new headphones, plans a giveaway for its latest wireless headphones with hybrid ANC

Creative Technology prepares for the launch of Creative Zen Hybridwhich contains a series of functions suitable to meet the expectations of those who need a pair of headphones on the go.

As a prelude to the launch, which will take placeJune 8, 2022Creative is giving away 100 units through an exclusive lottery dedicated to fans.

Creative Zen Hybrid: Find your Zen before others

Key features of Creative Zen Hybrid

  • Active hybrid noise cancellation (ANC): With feedforward and feedback microphones on each pavilion, Hybrid ANC technology cancels up to 95% of ambient noise. For calls, voice clarity is improved thanks to an additional noise-canceling microphone.
  • Ambient Fashion: With this mode it is possible to listen to the environment where necessary, for safety on busy streets or for convenience when ordering a drink in a bar.
  • 40mm Neodymium Driver: Expertly designed by Creative’s engineers for warm sound with accurate bass and crisp, clean highs, Zen Hybrid is well balanced to suit a wide variety of genres
  • Long-lasting battery, super fast charging: The Zen Hybrid is a very long battery life headset, lasting up to 37 hours (with ANC disabled) and up to 27 hours (with ANC enabled). It also provides five hours of playback with just five minutes of charging.
  • Ideal to carry around: Thanks to the slim profile, the Zen Hybrid is lightweight, foldable with 90 ° swivel earcups and easily stowed in a case for everyday carrying.
  • SXFI READY: The Zen Hybrid is an SXFI READY headset, which means you can enjoy a free preview version of the award-winning Super X-Fi technology via the SXFI app and listen to holographic audio on local music content within your smartphone.

100 units for fans

Zen Hybrid will have an introductory price of €98,99. Creative is organizing a giveaway of 100 units for its fans, who also have the chance to win exclusive discounts. Anyone interested can register here.

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