Crossfire: Legion is coming to Early Access

Crossfire: Legion è in arrivo in Early Access thumbnail

Crossfire: Legionthe action-packed RTS, is ready to debut in Early Access il 24 maggio. Let’s find out more details of this title, which offers players an even wider choice thanks to the addition of 24 units and 3 unique commanders to the roster. In short, prepare yourself well 45 units in total e 6 commanders!

Crossfire: Legion in Early Access

Crossfire: Legion features unique infantry and agile vehicles, defense specialists, transport units, air support and more – these additional units strengthen any faction and provide even more depth and variety to provide unique battle combinations.

And then again, to complete this important increase in units, we find 3 brand new faction commanders: Eclipse (Global Risk), Freefall (Black List) and Viper (New Horizon). Each of them has their own style and skills, which on the battlefield can be decisive.

In anticipation of its release, we share the official trailer with you.

The main features

Among the main features we find intense multi-player fights (Payload Mode, Versus Mode), Skirmishes with the AI ​​and the Co-op. And then there is the global single player campaign: ACT 1 available at the launch of Early Access, while ACT 2, ACT 3 and ACT 4 will be revealed and released soon. In short, are you ready to climb the multiplayer rankings and become number 1?

The surprises don’t stop there. In fact, the integrated replay system is coming soon, allowing players to improve their tactics by reselling previous battles. And then again, you can create and share maps thanks to a special editor. Finally, players will be able to find a number of unique community-created challenges through the Steam Workshop.

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