Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

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Let’s discover together, in this dedicated guide, the complete trophy list of Crymachina, the atypical action-jrpg with an exquisitely oriental flavor arriving on October 27th

This month of October is more than ever overflowing with great releases: from Assassin’s Creed Mirage, through Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Super Mario Wonder and Sonic Superstars, the wallet of any fan of the videogame medium has suffered heavy losses this month. A release that is going unnoticed, for obvious reasons, is that of Crymachina, an action-jrpg in an exquisitely Japanese style which will arrive on October 27th on PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, developed by FuRyu and published by NIS America. We were intrigued and downloaded the demo, which resulted in a preview that you can find by clicking here. And here, in view of the launch, we want to see the complete trophy list with you!

Before starting

The complete trophy list of Crymachina consists of 50 statuettes in total, of which 36 bronze, 11 silver, 2 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. As often happens in the case of these guides, we remind you that although the trophy descriptions are exclusively the official ones given by the developers, they may still contain spoilers regarding the plot. For this reason we advise against continuing reading to all those who do not want to receive any type of preview on Crymachina. With that said, let’s get started!

Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

The first part of the bronze trophies | Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

Let’s start the guide with the first half of the bronze statuettes:

  • The Chosen One: We have located the Chosen One. Good morning, Leben.
  • Truths Disproven: Defeated Letheia, the Fifth Deus ex Machina. We rejected his false, distorted hopes.
  • Civilization Dismantled: Defeated Logos, the Sixth Deus ex Machina. Life is more than building castles in the sky.
  • Aesthetics Disgraced: Defeated Zoe, the Seventh Deus ex Machina. Never again will we let you harm us.
  • Erudition Discredited: Defeated Anthropos, the Fourth Deus ex Machina. We will be ridiculed no longer.
  • Human Displaced: Defeated the Child of Adam. Do what you must to reclaim your precious life.
  • Confidentiality Disclosed: We defeated Noein, the Third Deus ex Machina. Survive, even if it means forsaking the mission.
  • Darling Disinterred: We revived you, my beloved. This was my selfish desire.
  • Combat Certified: Completed all combat tutorials. You’re going to be just fine. I promise.
  • Gateway Crasher: Unlocked a gateway for the first time. You did a good job on your own. I’m proud.
  • Pathfinder of Paradise: Explored Eden via coordinates for the first time. Congratulations on taking your first step.
  • Demi-Destruction: Defeated a Demi-Cherub for the first time. We must recover everyone’s data.
  • What Lies in Store: Collected a storage module for the first time. Thank you for making this lovely discovery.
  • First-Time Custo-meowr: Closed a deal with Noah for the first time. Or should I say…”claw-sed”?
  • Soul Searching: Analyzed Personality Data for the first time. Welcome back.
  • Mixed Feelings: Equipped an Auxiliary with a Sentiment for the first time. I’m proud of you for setting it up right.
  • Auxiliary Acquirer: Obtained a large variety of Auxiliaries. Each of you is a bouquet of flowers, lovely and strong.
  • Enrichment Exercise: Obtained over 30 Personality Enhancement Data sets. Now we can make you girls even stronger.

Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

The second part of the bronze trophies | Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

We finish the bronze statuettes with the second half:

  • Sentimentality: Obtained over 30 Sentiments. I’m proud of you for being so in touch with your feelings.
  • Flowers of the Flock: Activated all Finishing Assaults. Spectacularly cute, cool, and ferocious.
  • Two Bots, One Stone: Defeat 2+ foes with a single Finishing Assault. Your efficiency makes me proud.
  • Linear Evasion: Executed over 100 Perfect Dodges. Good job on being hard to pin down.
  • Baptism by Fire: Caused enemies to OVERHEAT over 30 times. Amazing. You fight with such red-hot fervor.
  • Cry Your Heart Out: Awaken over 30 times. Those cries prove you have a soul.
  • Trigger Happy: Perform over 100 attacks in Shooting Mode. I’m proud of you for sticking to your guns.
  • Rocket Launcher: Launched enemies over 100 times. Sit back and watch the fireworks.
  • Pass the Aux: Activated Auxiliaries over 100 times. Thank you for your help, everybody. Gold stars all around.
  • Provocateur of Paradise: Defeated over 250 enemies. It’s okay. Doing this is the only way to survive.
  • Up and Comboing: Achieved a 50-hit combo. I’m proud of you for hitting your stride.
  • Winning Combination: Achieved a 200-hit combo. I’m proud of you for hitting on all cylinders.
  • Tech Support: Enhanced my abilities over 30 times. I have to do more to support everyone.
  • Stellar Nursery: Raised an E.V.E. past level 50. A gold star to you for making an effort.
  • The Self Awakened: Used EGO for the first time. Your unique qualities make you stronger.
  • Get This Par-Tea Started: Viewed a tea party conversation for the first time. I’m sure you’ll get along with everyone.
  • Quali-Tea Time: Viewed over 30 tea party conversations. Your smiles are a sea of shining stars to me.
  • Easy as XYZ: Obtained a coordinates hint for the first time. Whether you explore them or not is up to you.

Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

The silver trophies | Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

Let’s continue with the silver trophies:

  • Humanity Dispatched: Exterminated humanity. I can bear this sin, as long as I’m with you.
  • Dogma Discarded: Defeated the Cardinal Bishop. Only might can make right.
  • Beliefs Dismissed: Defeated a Cardinal. Just what are they…?
  • Repose of the Soul: Analyzed Personality Data over 50 times. I promise to repair them one day.
  • Auxiliary Amass: Obtained all Auxiliaries. Each of you is a crown of flowers, strong and beautiful.
  • Predator of Paradise: Defeated over 500 enemies. Survive, even if you must kill to do so.
  • The Elite Eighth: Enhanced my abilities to their limits. Now I can be a source of strength for everyone.
  • Stellar Supergiant: Raised an E.V.E. past level 70. I’m proud of you for putting in the effort.
  • Stellar Supernova: Raised an E.V.E. to level 99. That’s worth a gold star. I’m so proud your efforts paid off.
  • The Self Unbound: Spent over 50 EGO. Act according to your desires.
  • Pioneer of Paradise: Unlocked 80% of Eden’s coordinates. I’m proud of your adventurous spirit.

Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

The gold trophies and the platinum trophy | Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

We are approaching the end with the two golden trophies:

  • Gold-Star Smile: 999 roses surround me. No matter how many times I am reborn, I will always remember you.
  • Dominance Disarmed: Challenged Ecclesia the Second, mightiest of all Dei ex Machina. Incredible. A gold star for you.

Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

Finally, let’s find out Crymachina’s platinum trophy title!

  • CRYMACHINA: Obtained all trophies. Please continue to share your life with us.

Crymachina: complete trophy list revealed!

Good fun!

The complete trophy list for Crymachina ends here. Let us know if you will purchase the title below in the comments, we at will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend you take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!