Cryptosmart: cryptocurrencies now speak Italian

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In this article we are talking about a 100% Italian cryptocurrency exchange that offers a series of services that go beyond simple buying and selling. Let’s talk about Cryptosmart, the fintech company that brings crypto closer to everyday life

Anyone who has frequented the world of cryptocurrencies knows that the major exchanges do not reside in Italy. Having a point of reference in our country is very useful. But the creators of Cryptosmart didn’t stop there. They also have devised a series of very useful services not only to investors, but also to the most common people. Cryptosmart’s services are called Exchange, staking, CSpay, CSMarket.

Cryptosmart: cryptocurrencies now speak Italian

Cryptosmart: Exchange for the trading of cryptocurrencies

The most common service in the cryptocurrency world certainly is l’exchange which consists of the operations of buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Cryptosmart has been designed to simplify the buying and selling of digital coins, especially for Italian investors. Different types of crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot e Litecoin can be purchased directly with a bank transfer. The platform allows you to open and manage your wallet in a simple and totally secure way. The cryptocurrencies purchased on Cryptosmart end up directly in our wallets, without intermediaries. In case of problems within the exchange, assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using this service is therefore very simple and immediate!

Cryptosmart: cryptocurrencies now speak Italian

Cryptosmart: staking, the crypto revolution

Today, the most famous cryptocurrency blockchains are based on the Proof of Work (PoW) principle. This term indicates that blockchain managers compete with each other, making available a great computational power (the “Work”) to find the solution to the computational problems that advance the blockchain and allow crypto to continue trading. In exchange for this service, they receive a cryptocurrency reward every time they manage to create a new block. This process is extremely wasteful in energy terms because progressively more computational power is needed. And the environment does not like. The Bitcoin blockchain is estimated to consume as much as the whole of Argentina.

The evolution of blockchains must necessarily look to a greener and more scalable technology. The solution is the Proof of Stake (PoS). In this case, the blockchain participants basically have to commit a quantity of cryptocurrencies which cannot be used for trading. However, you will have the opportunity to create new blocks and receive rewards. The greater the investment, the greater the likelihood of receiving a reward. Basically, instead of rewarding “work” in computational terms, investment is rewarded.

Participating in this mechanism is not trivial, but thanks to Cryptosmart everything becomes easier! The Cryptosmart system is simple and intuitive and allows everyone to commit their crypto to staking. Each week you will receive a reward which can lead to increase the committed capital from 4% to 12% at the end of the year. There are currently three supported cryptocurrencies for PoS: Ethereum, Cardano and Polkadot.

Cryptosmart: cryptocurrencies now speak Italian

Cryptosmart: CSpay, cryptocurrency payments for companies

As we know, much of the success of crypto today is due to financial speculation. Thanks to this service, Cryptosmart aims to bring cryptocurrencies to the world of the real economy. In fact, the idea is to make a payment channel totally based on cryptocurrencies. In this way it will be possible to send payments, replacing traditional coins. In addition, Cryptosmart also allows you to quickly convert the payment received into euros. This eliminates the risk associated with the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The CSpay Wallet can be activated by companies and allows you to receive or send crypto payments quickly and easily. It will be enough to communicate the address of the blockchain to the customer (with a QRCore for example) who will use it to make the money transfer.

Cryptosmart: cryptocurrencies now speak Italian

Cryptosmart: CSMarket, crypto for everyone

This is the first service of its kind in Italy. Cryptosmart’s CSMarket allows you to create Gift Cards to be used to purchase products of the most important brands in the world of electronics, clothing and more! We are talking about brands such as Uniero, Ikea, Q8, Tamoil, Zalando, Nike, Trenitalia, OVS, Coin, Gamestop, Volagratis, Brico io, Carrefour, DOP, Panorama, H&M, Hotelgift and Alpitour.

Gift Cards can have a value between 5 and 400 euros. Obviously the process is very simple, in full Cryptosmart style. By accessing the official website, just register with your email. Later we will be able to choose the Gift Card from the catalog. To finalize the purchase we must enter the phone number and pay in Bitcoin. At this point we will receive an SMS with the PIN code to use the Gift Card. In practice we can use our Bitcoins to shop in the real world.

Cryptosmart: cryptocurrencies now speak Italian


Cryptosmart’s services are among the most innovative and in step with the times among those offered in our country. We just don’t have the traditional exchangebut others interesting services such as stacking and the ability to make crypto payments in the real world. An excellent thing for our country, which in this way does not risk being cut off from an ever-expanding fintech sector. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!