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Cult of the Lamb: how to create an advanced farm

In this new guide dedicated to Cult of the Lamb we will explain how to create an advanced farm suitable to feed all your followers

Although in part it is also a roguelite Cult of the Lamb remains primarily a management software and consequently during your games you will need a lot of resources. Obviously, to build the foundation of your cult you will need building materials, but also and above all lots of food. Food is a vital resource that you will need to keep cultists happy and healthy, and as you progress through the game you will need a lot more.

There are several ways to get food, such as exploring dungeons, fishing, or even killing followers, but to have a steady supply of food you will need build a farm. Basically this structure is not very complicated to create, but to optimize the process as much as possible you will need some tricks. To help you get as much food as possible we have therefore decided to write this guide, where we will explain how to create an advanced farm su Cult of the Lamb.

Progress first of all

To start creating your farm on Cult of the Lamb you will first need to slock the necessary structures. Initially, you can easily get the tools you need to build a basic farm, but to get the more advanced ones you will need to accumulate a lot of devotion. Below you will find a list of the various structures that you will need to unlock to create the best possible farm:

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
    • Fertilizer Silo
    • Harvest Totem
    • Farmer Station 2
    • Compost
    • Trap Scarecrow
    • Propaganda speakers
  • Tier 4

Cult of the Lamb: how to create an advanced farm

Starting the farm – Cult of the Lamb: how to create an advanced farm

First we need to explain how to create one basic farm to start from. Once you have unlocked all the necessary tier 1 structures you will need to first place the farmer station. This building will allow your followers to plant seeds and water the plants independently, thus allowing you to save a lot of time during the day. The cultists, however, will only deal with the clods of earth in the immediate vicinity of the structure, so we suggest you place them all around the farmer station in order to completely fill in the blue square that delimits the area of ​​influence.

Once you have placed the farmer station and all the possible farm plots, you will also need to place some seed silo. These boxes will serve a contain the seeds that your cultists will then plant on the farm to avoid wasting precious space you will have to place them immediately out of range of the farmer station. Initially one or two of these containers will be enough to meet your cultist’s seed needs, but over time you may need to create more.

Cult of the Lamb: how to create an advanced farm

Optimizing crops – Cult of the Lamb: how to create an advanced farm

Now that you have created a basic farm it is finally time to start improve it. For maximum results you will need all the structures that we have listed in the first paragraph, but if you want you can add them as you unlock them. The only building that will be essential to get right away is the Farmer Station 2as it will significantly increase the effectiveness of the farm.

First of all to improve your farm you will need place the aforementioned Farmer Station 2 in place of the old one. This way the cultists will have a chance to collect vegetables and store them inside a trunk, thus allowing you to save even more time every day. Later, to avoid losing resources unnecessarily, it is wise to place some scarecrow. These puppets will allow you to keep birds away from the fields and if you use their advanced version you will also have the option of capture them and turn them into flesh. To get the most out of scarecrows without damaging the farm you will need to place two on opposite sides of the fieldbut if you are willing to sacrifice a clod of earth you can also put some just one next to the farmer station.

Later you can place different structures around your farm to make it even more efficient. For example, you can place gods fertilizer silo to allow cultists to fertilize the earth autonomously with their own excrement and also a Compost per create fertilizer directly from the grass. In addition to fertilizers, you can also place some harvest totem o god devotion harvest totem that, when positioned like scarecrows, they will significantly speed up plant growth. Finally, to really have an advanced farm, you can place a couple of propaganda speakersin order to speed up the actions of the cultists.

Cult of the Lamb: how to create an advanced farm

Abundant harvest

This concludes our guide on how to create an advanced farm on Cult of the Lamb. Once you have placed all the necessary structures, you will surely have no food problems for a long time. Our article is over but, if you want to know even more about the gameon our site you can find other guides dedicated to Cult of the Lamb:

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