Cursed To Golf, a cursed round of golf coming to Nintendo Switch

Cursed To Golf, una partita di golf maledetta in arrivo su Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Coming inestate 2022the new game Cursed to Golfhis Nintendo Switch e PC via Steam. Despite the misleading name – cursed to play golf – it sounds like the perfect holiday game. Let’s find out why!

Cursed to Golf, a Roguelike like no other

For those who don’t already know, the kind of Roguelike is a term that indicates a particular type of role-playing video games, characterized by common elements such as random maps and one permanent death. The gameplay takes place in an indefinite cycle of life and death, which prompts the player to hone their skills after each failed attempt. Cursed to Golf is just one of these video games but its peculiarity lies in mixing typical elements of golf games.

In fact, the player will take on the role of the Cursed Golfer, who after being the victim of lightning in the open air, must find his way back to the world of the living. The ascent is far from easy as he will have to cross the Golf Purgatory in a very intricate succession of 18 dungeon.

What to expect from Cursed Golf?

Each level of this cute sporty Roguelike is distinguished by teleportation, explosive crates, fans at high speed and many other challenges that will challenge the player in an endless cycle of golf, death and more. And all this without mentioning the fact that to remove the cursea series of boss to defeat!

Valuable help for the Cursed Golfer will come in the form of Ace Cards. These cards will give us access to amazing shots that allow you to stop timeregular shots in mid-air, to freeze pools of water otherwise difficult and dangerous to deal with and much more. These cards are not only great fun to use, but they will be vital if you want to prevent the curse from taking you back to the beginning and forcing you to play golf again.

The game will come out this summer his Switch come on PC via Steam. For those who are definitely eager to try the new adventure, he can try one limited demo available on Steam right now.