Customizing your motorcycle: which accessories to choose

Customizing your motorcycle: which accessories to choose

In this article we will see what are the changes that can be implemented by any rider to customize a production bike

In Italy there are millions of two-wheel enthusiasts; some devote themselves to amateur competitions, others prefer rallies to the addition of summer; still others dedicate particular care to their motorcycles, not only in terms of maintenance but also of customization. It often happens, in fact, that an amateur motorcyclist, after purchasing a standard road model, decides after a while to add a personal touch, through some aesthetic or mechanical device. In this article we will see what are the changes that can be implemented by any rider for customize a production bike.

What interventions are allowed

Before seeing in detail where and how it is possible to intervene on a production bike, it is necessary to make a premise. Some types of modifications, both on motorcycles and on cars, are not allowed by the regulations in force; specifically, these are mechanical or functional interventions that significantly modify the characteristics of the vehicle itself. In this case, in fact, for the vehicle to be admitted to road circulation it would be necessary to issue the permit from the manufacturer, after a verification of the impact of the interventions on the vehicle. Naturally, such a procedure involves an enormous waste of time and resources, with the concrete possibility that the manufacturer denies the certification, as it prefers to decline all responsibility. In summary, customizing your bike is possible but only within certain limits, as long as do not modify the functional and performance characteristics of the medium.

What accessories are suitable for customizing the bike

The elements that are most often subject to personalization (or “customization”, to use a more slang term) are the discharge, the handlebar and the hull. As for the first, it is possible to modify – without compromising the homologation of the vehicle – the terminal part of the exhaust system, that is the muffler. Very often such an intervention serves to improve the ‘sound’ of the bike, without intervening on the engine to increase performance; in addition, a finished exhaust (chrome or satin) also improves the aesthetic line of the bike. Regarding the handlebars, in most cases riders tend to change the grips, both for aesthetic impact of greater effect and to improve grip while riding. The hull, since it fulfills an aerodynamic function, cannot undergo structural changes but, for example, can be customized by means of stickers or decals. Other accessories that can be mounted ‘aftermarket’, ie after the purchase of the bike at the dealer, are: an additional rear-view mirror, LED indicators or fuel caps. Items of this kind can be easily found on the market, both in physical stores that sell spare parts for motorcycles and through specialized online stores; browsing the digital catalog of motorcycle accessories on, for example, it is possible to get a clearer idea of ​​what options are available, so that you can better choose which and how many accessories to buy for your motorcycle.

How to install accessories

The procedure for installing one or more personalization devices on a motorcycle depends on the type of element and its characteristics; for some, such as the exhaust terminal or an extra rear-view mirror, it is advisable to contact a competent mechanic, so that the assembly takes place correctly and without errors which, in the long run, could cause problems or damage to the motorcycle. In the case of less significant additions, it is also possible to opt for DIY, as in the case of LED lights or decorations for the livery: patience and a little dexterity are enough to obtain a satisfactory result.