Dahua Technology: here are the new Full-Color 2.0 IP cameras

Dahua Technology: ecco le nuove telecamere IP Full-Color 2.0 thumbnail

Dahua Technology, a world leader in the video surveillance sector, has been presenting the new generation of telecamere IP Full-color 2.0: dual optics, 4K color images, vari-focal optics and AI applications capable of optimizing surveillance by providing crystal clear images with extremely vivid colors.

Double optics

Full-color 2.0 cameras are equipped with dual optics whose very large aperture (F1.0) captures 2.5 times the amount of light compared to an F1.6 aperture. There tecnologia Dual Light Fusion it collects all the chromatic details visible through the two separate optics, while the double CMOS sensor (1 / 1.8 “and 1 / 2.8”) increases the brightness by 36% and the S / N ratio by 14 times. Thanks to the mapping at the frame-by-frame pixel level, image definition remains high with vivid colors even when the extra white light is turned off, thus reducing light pollution.

4K color images

Details and colors are two essential elements for video surveillance, in fact they can be used to detect and recognize the targets avoiding possible accidents. The Full-color 2.0 4K IP cameras have a 1 / 1.2 “sensor that provides 110% larger pixels than standard 8 MP cameras, giving real-time 4K color images even in low light environments. These cameras have exceptional performances in terms of brightness (+ 42%) and S / N ratio (+ 400%).

AI applications

Together with the Dahua NVRs of the 5-I / L series, the Dahua Technology IP Full-color 2.0 cameras allow you to search for people and vehicles based on the “color” attribute (of clothes and bodywork) and extract the most relevant videos. Furthermore, the AI programming function, gives the possibility to configure various Artificial Intelligence applications that are activated automatically according to the set calendar. Quality and richness of detail – even in very limited light conditions – combined with the range of AI functions make the Full-color 2.0 a ideal solution for multiple contexts such as private villas, shops, parking areas and much more.