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Dark Power Pro 13 review: be quiet! adapts to new standards

In this review we will take a closer look at the Dark Power Pro 13 power supply, an ATX 3.0 standard power supply. Many novelties and a structure that is renewed after many years, but with great style

As we often point out, when building a build for a new PC, you can try to save on many components.

You could opt for a less powerful video card or a less performing processor, but you definitely shouldn’t skimp on the power supply! It’s the beating heart of our PC, and if the components aren’t getting adequate power, the problems could be significant.

Of course, the power supply isn’t the only crucial element for a safe builda, but together with a good heat sink, the stability of the build is guaranteed.

With the new standard, the power supply of the new video cards currently available on the market is ensured above all, but it also looks to the future.

Unboxing ed estetica | Review be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13

The unboxing experience and aesthetics of the power supply be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 really satisfying. The packaging is an elegant black box, of considerable sizeat least the double of a standard power supply.

The material used is cardboardbut it is coated with one thin layer of paper which gives a feeling velvety to the touch.

Although the packaging is simpleonly the written with the name of the power supply (Dark Power Pro 13). Inside, we find two separate compartments from the expanded foam: one for the power supply itself and the other for the cable area.

The latter is divided into several shelvesand for host the various cables in the way tidy e accessible.

Technical characteristics | Review be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13

Here is a rundown of the main features of this power supply.

  • Output power: 1300W
  • Form factor: ATX
  • Certification: 80 PLUS Titanium/ ATX 3.0
  • Fan: Silent Wings frameless fan for virtually inaudible operation
  • Cables: totally modular

This power supply is specially designed to meet the needs of modern next-generation builds, aiming to offer long-lasting performance and adaptability to technological evolutions.

Dark Power Pro 13 review: be quiet!  adapts to new standards

Usage and functionality | Review be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13

The power supply has been tested on various test benches, however the one we consider to be the reference one will be the following:

Il Dark Power Pro 13 Of be quiet! represents a state-of-the-art power supply that meets the demands of next-generation builds. The new standard PCIe 5 effectively deals with the growing power consumption of graphics cards, setting a maximum consumption average of 600W.

This standard also introduces the auxiliary power connector 12VHPWRwhich defines limits for short-term peak loads, three times the average power consumption of GPUs within a range of 100 microsecondi.

What makes the Dark Power Pro 13 even more notable is the fact that it supports the standard ATX 3.0, which for the first time defines target values ​​above the rated power of the power supply. This means that PCIe connections for graphics cards can handle load changes up to three times the power consumption. Importantly, the Dark Power Pro 13 goes beyond expectations, offering all the features necessary to meet the needs of the PCIe 5 and ensuring adequate management of the energy load.

Not just a new standard!

In addition to its outstanding performance, the Dark Power Pro 13 demonstrates high reliability in supporting high loads. During our play tests and stress tests on all components, we have never encountered voltage spikes or problems of any kind. Temperatures have always remained stable within normal limits, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Also note that the Dark Power Pro 13 it includes a 4000-series VGA connector. We preferred to use the cable be quiet! instead of the one included in the box of our RTX 4080.

In addition to the convenience of not having to use a splitter for power cords, the cable be quiet! ensures a constant flow of energy and maintains the temperatures necessary for a correct flow of current, contributing to a better overall efficiency of the system. With the Dark Power Pro 13you get a high-quality power supply that meets the needs of the most advanced graphics cards on the market.

Dark Power Pro 13 review: be quiet!  adapts to new standards

Who should buy this power supply?

It is important to note that the version from 1300 Watt of the Dark Power Pro 13 might be considered a bit over the top for most current builds. However, if you look to the future and plan to make upgrades or use high-powered components, it could be a winning choice.

Considering the evolution of technology and the ever increasing energy needs of hardware components, invest in a power supply with a capacity of 1300 Watt could guarantee greater durability over time and the possibility of dealing with any future upgrades with confidence.

However, it’s important to carefully evaluate your system’s specifications and actual power needs before making a decision to purchase a power supply of this size. An oversized power supply could lead to inefficient power consumption and increased energy costs in the long run.

Ultimately, the version from 1300 Watt of the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 it could be a winning choice for those looking for a future-proof solution and wish to have greater flexibility for expanding and upgrading their system.

Plus points

  • High energy efficiency
  • Quietness
  • Performance and reliability

Points against

  • Dimensions and weight
  • Prezzo
  • Oversized power for some builds
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