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Darktrace also acts on endpoints for greater cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence increases the capabilities of security teams at a time when the emergence of increasingly flexible ways of working and the phenomenon of Great Resignation unintentionally increase cyber risk. Here is Darktrace’s solution.

Darktrace solutions for greater cybersecurity even in smart working

Good news for users Darktrace, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity. The brand just announced that proprietary technology Autonomous Response now it also acts on endpoints. A novelty that adds to the already vast capacity of the range Antigen. The latter already includes protection for SaaS applications, cloud, e-mail, network and operational technology (OT).

The spread of endpoints is slowly moving away from the perimeter of traditional infrastructure and its control. This is also due to flexible working solutions like it smartworking. The consequence is that devices have begun to host increasingly sensitive data. As a result, CISOs and security professionals have faced increasing complexity from the standpoint of securing their organization. To this must be added the need to support increasingly dynamic workers, thanks to flexible working arrangements and the emergence of the “Great Resignation” phenomenon (the wave of resignations that erupted after the pandemic).

Antigena Endpoint detects suspicious activities

To remedy the problem, it is essential to constantly analyze all user operations, so as to detect any suspicious activity. And it is precisely for this reason that it was born Antigena Endpoint: it detects anomalous activity and intelligently makes micro-decisions based on unusual behaviors. Some examples: downloading files after the usual time; attempts to exfiltrate data; command and control traffic or lateral movements which could represent a cyber threat. The solution uses different techniques on Mac, Windows and Linux devices to stop various attacks. These also include data leaks, ransomware or insider threats.

“Antigena Endpoint is the evolution of the Darktrace platform that I wanted and that excited me most because it truly represents a turning point by providing an answer to exactly what our customers need most today,” he said. Mike Beck, Global Chief Information Security Officer di Darktrace. “The reassurance that Darktrace can not only detect the first signs of an attack but can now also act on all employee endpoints is an extremely important aspect today.”

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