Data security according to Apple’s chief privacy officer

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Word a Jane HorvathApple’s chief privacy officer, who recently spoke on the issue of data security. As leader of the Privacy, Policy and Regulatory team, Horvath has always supported the importance of the right to privacy, especially when the company has faced difficult situations. And now, in an interview with Elle, she was keen to provide a series of useful tips on privacy and security issues.

Data security: advice from Jane Horvath

“I feel very lucky. I have lived these important moments in the history of privacy; every day I wake up and never know what I’ll have to face. But I always feel like I have the best of both worlds: I can devote myself to civil liberties and work in a place that truly considers privacy a fundamental human right. ” Thus Jane Horvath recounts her professional experience, calling herself the “Forrest Gump of privacy”. A woman with an incredible career, with experiences in AOL, the Department of Justice and Google. And then, of course, in Apple.

And it was precisely with the Cupertino company that Horvath found itself facing the San Bernardino case, which opened a long dispute with the FBI over opening a backdoor on the iPhone in order to collect user data during an investigation. “We would have opened that phone’s backdoor if we could have done it without affecting all the other phones, but we couldn’t, so we decided we wanted to protect all of our customers and resist the government’s request to build an operating system that would practically make it vulnerable. every other iPhone. So commented Horvath, a strong advocate of the right to privacy.

Precisely for this reason, he stresses the importance of data security. And suggests that pay close attention to your choices made on websites, apps and privacy settings. By the same principle, it is important be careful what you post on the Net. “The data comes out and it’s very difficult to bring it back,” Horvath says.