Data theft, Italy in 12th place for violated accounts

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Il online data theft it’s a big deal for Italians: beyond 11 million people in Italy they suffered it in our country, which is al twelfth place for hacked accounts. CybergONthe business unit of Elmec Informatica who deals with cybersecurity, analyzes the data issue in hand.

Online data theft, Italy ranks 12th in CybergON’s analysis

Eleven million Italians have seen their data or login credentials stolen online. And according to the data of theCredit fraud and identity theft observatory of CRIF, very often this has an economic impact. The 34% of data theft cases it ends with the activation of a financial loan, with 59% predicting credit card fraud.

The analysis sees an increase in thefts both under 1,500 euros (il 52% of the total last year) that between 5 and 10 thousand euros, increased from 9.6% to 14%.

Data that seems to be growing again. If in 2021 there were 2,800 thefts of sensitive data in Lombardy, this year we are already at 3,300. An average of nine attacks per day, especially in Milan, followed by Brescia, Bergamo and Varese.

Identity theft often occurs because hackers take advantage of users’ lack of attention or distraction, obtaining personal and sometimes even financial data.

How to defend yourself

Per block this type of theft, it becomes important to change passwords frequently, pay attention to email and garlic SMS received, as well as the information we enter in online forms. Also, it can help to use one VPN to connect online in complete privacy.

Filadelfio Emanuele, CISO & Security Operation Manager at CybergON: “Digital identity theft is a crime characterized by a large gray area due to the difficult identification of the user who appropriates data that is not his own. This type of crime is giving rise to a real social emergency due to the unpredictable consequences that can be triggered by the replacement of a person. For this reason, it is important that all users collaborate, both by paying attention to the practices listed above, and by reporting any violations and cases of theft to the Postal Police, the body set up to try to stop these criminals.

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