Days Gone: how to repair the bike

Days Gone: how to repair the bike

In this short guide we explain how to repair the motorcycle of Deacon St. John, the protagonist of the exclusive PlayStation Days Gone

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about Days Gone, l’esclusiva PS4 back to the fore due to some rumors that see the hypothetical sequel canceled. Precisely for this reason, or perhaps because intrigued by the imminent debut of the Sony Bend title also on PC, some of you will want to try your hand in the adventure that has as its protagonist the biker Deacon St. John. And given the nature of the character, a lot of time will be spent riding a two-wheeler which, however, in the post apocalyptic world of the game, will find itself suffering very often a lot of damage. With this guide we explain how to repair Deacon’s bike without problems.

An opportunity not to be missed

The exclusive PlayStation, however, in this month of April 2021 represents an excellent occasion not to be missed. The title, in fact, is available for free as a PlayStation Plus game of the month. By clicking here you will also discover the other two games that Sony has decided to make available. Many users who have not purchased the game in the past will be able to take advantage of this interesting opportunity to enjoy one of the best experiences of Sony panorama. Now, however, stop the chatter and continue with our guide on how to repair the motorcycle, vehicle par excellence and main vehicle of Days Gone.

The art of getting by – Days Gone: how to repair the bike

In Days Gone we will find ourselves forced to repair our motorcycle fairly frequently, otherwise we will not be able to drive it, let’s see how. To do this, in addition to the inevitable fuel, we will have to go hunting for spare parts throughout the game map. The accommodation operation will be accessible at any time, as long as we are close to our vehicle: it will be sufficient to point the gaze of Deacon near the tank to bring up an indicator, marked with the classic Circle button PlayStation home. Pressing it and keeping it pressed, as long as you have enough materials, will start the repair process, which will take longer as the vehicle is damaged. Deacon will remain bent on two wheels until the end of the operation.

Days Gone: how to repair the bike

Everything has a price – Days Gone: how to fix the bike

In addition, we will also be able to repair the bike at various shops mechanics present inside the camps located within the playing area. In order to access the repair process we will need to identify theicon marked by a screwdriver and a wrench, and get closer to bring up the indicator marked by the Circle. As in the previous case, keeping the button in question pressed will start the repair operation. Unlike what happens outside inhabited places, in this case no spare parts will be required, but we will simply have to pay the mechanic, the cost of which will be proportional to the damage to the vehicle. As you have seen, in Days Gone There are two distinct methods of repairing the bike, it is simply up to you to choose which one is the most suitable for your situation.

Days Gone: how to repair the bike

Have a good trip!

This was our short guide explaining how to repair the bike in Days Gone. Before saying goodbye and inviting you to continue following us on We remind you that the Sony Bend game is included in the selection of monthly games aimed at subscribers to Playstation plus, and if perhaps you are interested in a subscription at a discounted price you can take a look at Instant Gaming. If you want to know more, we invite you to take a look at our review.