DAZN not working? Here’s what to do!

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Are you watching your favorite team’s match and suddenly DAZN crashes? Here’s what to do when DAZN isn’t working

Unfortunately it happens often, maybe too much and it always happens in the best moments (or worst, depending on your point of view). DAZN not working, now how can I fix this? This is a question that we all asked ourselves during the matches of our favorite teams which were interrupted due to disservices or malfunctions. In this article we are going to discover a series of steps that we can take to solve this delicate situation. In the meantime, to take a look at the subscriptions of DAZN you can click here.

Check Internet connection – What to do if DAZN doesn’t work

First, first thing to do the moment DAZN doesn’t work or rather fails to load the game you are watching or you want to start watching, you have to check the internet connection and that it is present and performing. This can be done by going to check your router directly or via a speedtest which will measure your connection speed which, remember, to ensure that DAZN work best must be at least 3.5mbps for mobile devices, tablets and PCs and of 8mbps for Smart TVs. These requirements are used to make the DAZN application work best in high definition.

DAZN not working?  Here's what to do!

Mobile devices – What to do if DAZN doesn’t work

When you find yourself using the DAZN app on mobile devices, it is important to check that they are compatible with the app itself. In android devices it is important to know that DAZN only works if there are operating systems updated to version 4.4 or higher. In the case of apple, however, DAZN only works from iPhone 5 to go up. In cases where the versions are the correct ones then you can proceed to: close and restart the application or uninstall the app same and then re-download it on your device making sure you carry out all the updates present and possible.

DAZN not working?  Here's what to do!

Browser – What to do if DAZN doesn’t work

If DAZN doesn’t work on your browser, or what you usually use do not worry. As a first solution to this problem, you can try to switch browsers and then proceed in this direction. If this solution doesn’t work either, proceed with emptying the cache, deleting the cookies and also making sure that your IP address is in one of the countries where DAZN is actually available and operational. Not in all countries it is.

DAZN not working?  Here's what to do!

Smart TV – What to do if DAZN doesn’t work

If, on the other hand, you are using DAZN on your Smart TV and it stops working, there are a series of steps you can take. First of all check, as always, that the TV is correctly connected to the Internet. Secondly you can proceed to a restarting the router or to uninstall and then reinstall the app on your television. If all this does not solve the problem, you can try unplugging the socket directly for about 30 secondsthen reactivate it and reopen the application.

DAZN not working?  Here's what to do!

Enjoy your vision everyone!

This was our little guide with our little tips that you can follow the moment DAZN doesn’t work and you want to try to solve the problem as soon as possible to get back to cheering for your team. Let us know what you think and if these tips have been helpful to you. For further updates and news keep tuning in to TechGameWorld.com.